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High Demands of Beauty Here

Discussion in 'Social Life, Food & Drink, Travel' started by mensimageconsultant, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. LabelKing

    LabelKing Senior member

    May 24, 2002
    What an awful theme: "Our obsession with physical appearance may not be so shallow, after all". And I believe the bust of Nefertiti he quotes is not in the New York Metropolitan but in Berlin's Ägyptisches Museum.
  2. joyjoy

    joyjoy Member

    Dec 25, 2006
    someone almost sort of touched upon it above, but appreciation of body beauty is innate at some levels.

    guys prefer women with a certain amount of curvature, actually called a waist to hip ratio. it indicates fertility. the same with breasts, large eyes, small chin, plump lips, they're all signals of high estrogen, and the tendency towards these features cross cultures. it's no accident that these features are what we consider "beautiful'

    another thing is the "average" face (ie features are average, nose not too big not too small, etc etc) or lack of deformities. it indicates healthier individuals who are more likely to produce offspring (sorry to call human babies offpsring) who are healthier and less chances for congenital diseases or defects.

    the same goes for women and men though...women like men who can provide. often physically this can be a male with a great body and great face, who is very masculine. he's got testosterone, he can be a baby making machine. but then you see women who go for ugly rich men..yeah well they provide in another way. they've got the money to support kids and whatever and a girl theoretically won't have to worry about her own life or any kids she might have.

    yeahhh sorry i just got out of a class in animal behavior and we talked a lot about sociobiology. but a lot of this is at least a biological reason instead of these crazy theories some people are coming up with.

    oh yeah and obesity --> sickness, less likely to carry babies to term...and yeah doesn't look so good either :p
  3. Soph

    Soph Senior member

    Mar 10, 2006
    Bologna, Italy
    Darwin: It's not just survival of the fittest it's also Sexual Selection. It's been studied. Biologically if you can reproduce with a better looking mate, then you will likely produce a better looking offspring that will infer a greater chance of them producing a mate. Some researches believe art, song, dance etc. are derived from sexual selection mating practices and actually probably are. It's all about reproduction. Hence why a majority of men would love to sleep with Anglie Jolie and no man wants to sleep with rosie o'donnell. I've seen many attractive women, but there are a few that cause 'racing heart' Heart palpitations and cause my head to spin. I've also noticed that when an attractive female is working out in the gym, I naturally spurred to workout harder, definitely a biological and innate mechanism at work as there is not a conscious choice persay causing these 'reactions' to said stimlus. Hardwired biology.

    Some plag: Probably the most fundamental form of sexual selection is mate choice for various "indicators" of viability (likelihood of survival) and fertility (likelihood of reproduction). These can take many forms. Almost any perceivable bodily or behavioral trait can function as an indicator — revealing age, health, nutritional status, size, strength, aggressive dominance, social status, disease resistance, or overall vigor. Such indicators may reveal both heritable genetic traits that would be passed on to offspring (selection for `good genes'), and chances that the mate will survive to give provisioning, protection, and support to offspring (selection for `good parents').

    Lastly, you can fall in love and after that you may not give a damn[​IMG]

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