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Help/Thoughts With This Ensemble? No pics.


Senior Member
May 1, 2008
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Hello, thanks for reading. I worry whether I'm not getting too carried away with diverse fabrics and clashing colors, and posting this thread to see if anyone calls it out as tasteless. I'm an art student, not a business professional, so I can get away with a bit more of whatever, if that makes any difference. I don't presume to really know what I'm doing in terms of buying and wearing clothes yet, I've been a long-time reader of forums like these but only infrequently have the opportunity to buy new clothes and put ideas to the test.

Sport coat is wool, three buttons, flap pockets, notch lapel. Large windowpane, in faded sky blue and sand gray-brown, with vertical stripes of mocha. Overall rather muted, very Autumnal.

Pale straw-yellow OCBD, solid. Like a custard. Barrel cuffs.

Trousers will be either warm tobacco brown linen with pleats and no cuffs, or I might dress it down a bit with spinach green, somewhat wide cord jeans (again no cuffs.) If it were warmer, I'd go with bright blue or red poplin; but it isn't, so.

Was thinking yellow, blue, and green argyle socks (BB), with light brown loafers.

Not sure yet what I'll do with the tie. Depends on the trousers I suppose. If they're the cords, I was thinking a blue knit. But if the brown trousers, then something mostly reddish or orangish, with a bit of green. Not sure which fabric to go with.

Pocket square will be selected at random.

Thanks very much for reading.


Senior Member
Nov 25, 2008
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Just envisioning the outfit I think depending on the colour of your pants, the pants with a yellow shirt may look a bit ridiculous, but I am into classic looks. The socks sound like the could play well with the blazer, but I would be careful matching your socks with every colour of your outfit, to me that looks very obvious and I can just see it looking ridiculous with the rest of your outfit.

I'm really curious to see a picture of this outfit, particularly with the green pants, I'm envisioning some really bright, awkward artistic melee

But anyways I would just go with your gut, or put it all on and throw it up on the WAYWT thread


Senior Member
May 1, 2008
Reaction score
Thanks for the prompt and honest response.
If it makes for much of an improvement, I could switch out the pale yellow OCBD for an identical shirt in ivory. But I was hoping to make the shirt a little more unusual than that; not ridiculous, but unusual.

What makes a pairing ridiculous? My general scheme has just been to try to get colors that have "something" to do with one-another; for example, putting green, yellow and blue together, and tying it down with brown. That sort of thing. Or blue, red and purple, with a bit of pink or white.

I'm not trying to copy Grant or DoW (though I respect them and study them) and I can't stand wearing dead browns and lifeless taupes/khakis - but I don't want to come off like a technicolor clown, either. What sartorial principles am I goofing?


Well-Known Member
Oct 4, 2008
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I can't reconcile the linen pants with the argyle and wool coat. Linen is a summer fabric and the other pieces are, from your description, autumn.


Distinguished Member
Mar 15, 2006
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Green and yellow is an example of a pairing that can push apart and divide attention between two odd colors. Since there are no pictures, you'll have to trust your own judgment about whether that is the result. That applies to the tie-shirt combination, too.

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