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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Peurist, Jun 20, 2012.

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    I used to sell a lot here on SF, but had to give that up due to time constraints of my current job. However, as some of you may know, I'm a bit obsessed w/the north east chain of stores called Daffy's, particularly their Italian merchandise. I've recently started poking around to see what wholesale prices are like on that kind of merchandise (the better stuff), and it got me thinking about starting a website retailing Italian closeouts -- think a curated version of Yoox/Daffy's/Century 21, but online, and locally available to those in the Philly area in a B&M form.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has experience in setting up an online clothing business. I'm particularly interested in hearing about the process of importing stuff from Italy or Europe in general and what that involves, especially, how one deals with getting something shipped over in a container, delivered, etc... I'm also trying to figure out costs, timing and what other factors might be at play that I'm unaware of.

    (Sorry for the repost, but this got 0 traction over on the Business discussion forum.)
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    Just shop in Daffys and save your time and efforts
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    Your idea is a good one if you have a good eye for a niche market and general business experience/skill.

    Keeping your current job is a great idea - you can use nights and weekends to start your business.

    First, find a good name and setup a basic website talking about what you want to do.

    Then buy shopping cart software and pick basic website software.

    Next, signup for PayPal and a merchant account or just PayPal to start.

    You costs so far are very low.

    Next research online etc suppliers.

    Start emailing suppliers and getting samples.

    Order small amounts.

    Registered airmail is a low cost way to start.

    Start selling on your website and as you make sales buy larger amounts - don't worry about profits.

    When quantities go up open up a courier account so that they can take care of customs for you.

    Sell more and make small profits.

    You can have a good shipping company take care of all the paperwork etc when you are ready for containers.

    I can't help anymore but you will be fine if you have fun, stay sensible and take your time.

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