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Help Me Start Out

Jun 26, 2006
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Basic Stats:
Age: 18
Height: 6' 1"
Waist: 32

I'm totally clueless as to any sort of style or wardrobe. Basically, all the clothes I currently wear were either bought by my parents (many second hand) or given to me. It's not as if we are poor (my parents are millionaires), it's that we don't know any better and are cheap. Consequently, all my female friends tease me about the clothes I wear. I will finish university in a year and I'm trying to network more in order to kickstart my career. I'd really like to put together a better wardrobe with a variety of options for different seasons and social events.

I've bought the Flesser and Roetzel books dealing with male fashion, however these tend to focus on non-casual clothing and are quite conservative and general.

I live in Seattle, where the dress code is extremely casual. But I'm also going to be interviewing and going to more formal functions where the dress code is more upscale. I will also be going to Taiwan and Hong Kong fairly soon for a 3-6 month stay. People have told me that people in Taibei and Hong Kong tend to dress more formally (especially when they go out). Basically, I need advice on everything above lawn-mowing and oil-changing clothes all the way to the tuxedo.

As you can see from the pictures I've attatched, I have a very unique skin tone and hair that comes from a complex ethnic background. I also have 28" legs and big ass that comes from running track. I'd like some explanation of the color patterns/layers and shirt/jean cuts that can make me look my best. I'd also like your reccommendations to not be too complex or overtly upscale. I want to stick more the basics and have understated fashions if at all possible. I'm not a very flashy guy. I just want to look sharp so to speak. Also, I'm not a small guy, so think about comfort as well. I don't want to be sweating all day long. Budget is not a huge issue. But try and be reasonable (meaning, I want to buy as few things as possible to begin with and then work from there) and keep in mind that I am going to be able to shop and go to tailors in Asia.

So you can think about specific events. I need clothes for golfing, working, going out after work, interviewing, hanging out with friends, going to casual parties, going to semi-formal parties, and going to formal parties.


Any help is appeciated.
Thanks in advance.


Well-Known Member
Apr 20, 2006
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Ok, so not trying to troll or anything but was it a typo when you said you were 18 and still finishing university next year?

Wade M

Senior Member
Jun 3, 2006
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Hey, I'm going to give this a crack....With what you're currently wearing, I'd try keep away from layered clothing, when both layers are basically the same colour...doesn't look too good...A patterned undershirt/contrasting would work better IMO specific items really depend on what you want to spend...without budge, it's only general items... Top down.. Sunnies. Get a pair of quality glasses. These might work Polos. Polos are very versitlie, can be dressed up, for dinner, or down for an afternoon in the yard, or a few quiet beers. Ralph Lauren are the general go, for timeless classics(www.polo.com). Shirts. Not really my area T-Shirts Anything from here is a pretty good start Blazer, for the more formal dinners, but not yet black and whites....Ted Baker and Paul Smith both have some pretty sweet blazers. Of course, Boss/Prada/Polo get the immediate big tick Track Jacket/Sweater/Jumper/Hoodie...For a Track Jacket, Fred Perry / Carhartt are a good choice. Hoodies, don't know any many good ones other then loopwheeler...Sweaters any of them would be decent; simple, understated. A nice belt, watch, wallet are musts. Gucci/Prada/Bally/LV/Burberry Wallet + Watch (It's something people see EVERY day and always look at). Belts, I personally like leather belts, and i think i'm in the minority here... Jeans....There's plenty of experts around here...for starters, I'd say a pair of Nudies Regular Ralf Selvage(Dry)... Shoes, Loafers, Leather/formal shoes, joggers/runners, and perhaps a pair of boots are all needed.... All can be found from here Hopefully that's a start......a few g's should get you started with the basic kit with a few combinations... --Wadem


Senior Member
Mar 10, 2006
Reaction score
Originally Posted by Sleeping Dragon
Basically, all the clothes I currently wear were either bought by my parents (many second hand) or given to me. It's not as if we are poor (my parents are millionaires), it's that we don't know any better and are cheap.

So this is how the rich stay rich, eh?

As for the big ass (your words) my vote would be for Levis Vintage Collection '47, I think the anti-fit might work well for you.

For formal wear, you might want to check out the other side of the forum, Men's Clothing, you might get more info on tuxedo's/semi-formals/golfing.

And if you really have no problem spending lots of money, go down to your local newsstand and pick up GQ or Details, at least for some more ideas and pictures.


Senior Member
Oct 15, 2004
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people in hong kong dress terribly in my opinion. the kids are all bape hypebeasts and they just wear expensive shoes when they go to clubs (i got bagged on wearing sneakers when going into HIPHOP clubs- thankfully i was on the list and they gave me no problems after that... but that's bullshit.) if they do happen to be wearing something interesting its probably been fed to them through the fashion magazines (which do sometimes cover margelia, undercover, etc. etc.)

sorry about my tangent.

Wade M

Senior Member
Jun 3, 2006
Reaction score
^^^ You're right, honkies can be shocking.....

What I found tho, was that there was a lot dressed worse then I was used to, but then a lot dressed better then I was used to (never seen so many authentic handbags as I did in HK....I know a lot are fake. An example; my workplace alone over there was full of authentic Hermes/LV bags....no one in my AU office has them!)



Distinguished Member
Mar 15, 2006
Reaction score
A late reply.

Velvet (already suggested), cotton, or silk would make a good casual blazer. Unconstructed might be good for your body type.

What is unusual about your personal coloring? Nothing is obvious in the pictures. 28" legs doesn't sound right, if you are over 6 feet tall. (Honestly, you don't look particularly tall.)

You might like the shirts sold here. Ralph Laurenalso has items that might mesh with your tastes. Basically, button-fronts with patterns for casual wear.

Two more basic items to consider: flat-front (but not slim-fit) chinos and sweaters.

Avoid polyester.


Senior Member
Mar 9, 2006
Reaction score
28" legs and 6'1 is completely off proportions.

You look 3-4" shorter.

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