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Help me expand style/palette


Senior Member
Mar 30, 2006
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I wear a pretty limited spectrum of styles and colors, and I'm looking at gradually expanding what I wear. Right now, I'm looking for input on casual/street only ... I'm still all over the place with my business wardrobe.

Styles I wear now: T-shirts, track jackets, hoodies, work jackets, double-cuffed raw jeans, Chucks, Doc Martens. Very post-skater/aging punk rocker, with some rockabilly, military, and workwear influence. I'm skinny, especially since I haven't been able to lift for a while, but I'm not chicken-shouldered/girly by this forum's standards (38 chest, 30 waist). So I have to wear slim shirts and coats, or there's a boxy drop from my shoulders to my waist. I wear my jeans fairly low-rise and anti-fit because my ass done fell off when I quit lifting.

The only collared shirts I own are virtually disposable thrift/clearance pieces I wear after I get tattooed, so I don't walk back out onto the street in a wifebeater and bandages.

Brands I favor now: American Apparel, Carhartt, Dickies, Nudies, Converse, Vans, Doc Martens. I like an awful lot of the Engineered Garments, Nom de Guerre, and APC stuff I've seen on here. I like some of the Spiewak jackets. I like some 555 Soul. I like the Chippewa motorcycle boots, and I have a serious chubby for the Alden of Carmel cordovan boots. I like some of the Ben Sherman and Fred Perry I've seen, but I'm a pale skinny white guy with lots of tattoos and my hair clipped down with #1, so I try to avoid "skinhead" pieces, even though I think the average person doesn't know what a skinhead piece is. Obviously anyone who knows much about skinheads knows instantly that I'm far from being one, either traditional or bonehead, but some people know just enough to be annoying.

Colors I wear now: I really don't have much in my current wardrobe that isn't black, white, gray, or dark denim.
I also don't have a single t-shirt that has writing or graphics on it.

Miscellaneous: I like simple, minimally "designed" pieces. I do *not* like visible branding or logos unless it's basically part of a classic piece at this point, like Converse All-Stars.

What I'm trying to do: Introduce some color into my palette. Expand my wardrobe options beyond endless variations on "t-shirt/jeans/hoodie/sneaks." Maybe explore different sneaker and boot options. Maybe find some shirts with collars on them that don't make me want to vomit, but also don't make people at shows come up to me and ask me "88/14" with a question mark on the end.
Maybe have a few more "grown-up" pieces that don't make me look like a tool.

Thanks as always. srsly.


Well-Known Member
Jun 24, 2006
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your current style, is the style I'm looking to achieve

rock some blazers... instantly makes the outfit seem "more grown-up" for me, while still looking cool. Uniqlo has a velvet
black one right now.


Senior Member
Mar 30, 2006
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Originally Posted by dingleberry
your current style, is the style I'm looking to achieve
Yeah, honestly, I'm not really looking to change things up drastically, I just want to expand a bit. I'm starting to feel like a self-parody, like the Minimalists on AbFab.


Mr. Chocolates Godiva
Mar 10, 2006
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I suppose you could start with accessories, a visually textured scarf or skully if weather permits, that sort of thing. You can preserve your minimalist esthetic by adding basic under-designed pieces in more muted colors of a different variety.

Get Smart

Don't Crink
Oct 27, 2004
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you could try looking at some 'stealth wealth' type brands that are simple but with great attention to details. for example, adding shirts by Band of Outsiders to your existing look would change things up yet stay consistent with your vibe. Maybe get some brogued boots to throw in the mix with Docs. If you like APC, another good minimalist french label to look into is Agnes b. Maybe try adding some vintage repro Adidas original trainers into your footwear rotation, even Tretorn sneakers which are a good alternative to Converse Purcells/Chucks.

88 brother.


Distinguished Member
Mar 15, 2006
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