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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by jst, Jul 26, 2002.

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    I am an ex-college football player and have been having a really hard time lately finding clothing both for work (I'm an accountant) and going out.  I'm not an obese individual, I'm 6'0" and weigh about 240.  My problem is that I have a 38" waist but I also have 33" thighs and very broad shoulders and big arms.  This causes many problems for me:

    1) All pre-fabricated clothes are too long.  The general consensus seems to be that any muscular individual must also be 7 feet tall.
    2) I can't find pants that fit around my legs without bumping up to a size 40 or 42 pants (I even tried on a Hugo Boss pair of 42's a while ago and they were too small in the thighs) and then I've got on huge pants that need to be tailored.
    3) Shirts don't fit properly.  They seem to be box-shaped, not tapered like the human body, so I have a lot of extra material I have to tuck in and it looks sloppy.  Also, about half the shirts and sportcoats I try on are too tight in the sleeves.

    I would appreciate any advice on some styles or designers that have more athletically cut clothing.  I'm really not a fan of buying nice clothing and then spending the extra cash to have it tailored to fit me correctly.

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    I'm not gonna tell you to go buy all custom clothes but it sounds to me like that's what you need if you really can't find anything that fits you properly.

    I was hesitant the first time I purchased a custom suit cause I figured that it would cost a lot more but if you're getting a designer suit, most customs are about 20% more for the same fabric. It's not a negligable amount but it's not a lot either.

    You could also forget about designers completely and try and find a local tailor who can make you a suit for less money but I really dont know what ti would cost you. As for casual clothes, zegna makes made-to-measure just about everything i *think*. The only mtm zegna stuff I have are dress shirts and they're 335 canadian. Off the rack they're 298, so there's hardly a difference.

    Oh and the problem you have with all the extra fabric on dress shirts is easy to fix. Most manufacturers do that for stuff they send to canada and the states cause so many men are overweight. It's not hard to have some of it removed though. Depending on where you shop, they migth even do it for free.

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