Help fixing video camera?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by demeis, Feb 16, 2005.

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    OK so i have a video camera thats been used once, and its used very infrequently if you can tell. Its about a year old and well i used it when i first got it for a school project, then in decemeber to tape some other stuff. Any how i went to use it the other day and there is no picture showing up. The viewing screen works fine because i can play the video through it and the camera still records audio, but when looking through the view finder or the lcd no video shows up or is recorded. Does anyone know what could be wrong? I'm thinking a bad ccd. Oh and the lens cap is off. But anyone know what else could be wrong, such as setting etc. Its a samgsung scd86. If the ccd is bad how much would that cost to fix? Any help would be appreciated, cause i don't want to drive an hour to have it looked at just hoping you guys can help a little first then go from there.


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