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Help finding the right suit


New Member
Jan 14, 2009
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Hello everyone,

This is my first post, so I suppose it doubles as an introduction...

I want to buy myself a nice(r) suit as a graduation present. I've done some basic research, but there seem to be so many variables that I might not be able to come up with the optimum purchase for my money. (while still saving enough study time to pass the bar). If I could get some advice that would narrow my search, I would greatly appreciate it.

Use would be professional, and the occasional dress up night, so I was leaning toward a blue or blue with stripes.
For a price range, 750 or so would be preferable, but I would probably go up to 1200 or so for something that was clearly worth it.
I tried on some BB's suits, and they felt very comfortable. However, I understand them to be a little more conservative (relative to suits). I want the ultimate choice to be pretty trim or sleek. I'm fairly fit, and it seems like coats are either tight in the shoulders, or huge in the waist. I'm generally not a fan of pleats. I've looked at some HF and Ralph Lauren stuff online (and Samuelsohn to some extent), and I like what I've seen, but haven't had the chance to try any on.

I live outside of Houston, far enough that I can't go shopping daily for deals from Nordstroms or Saks. I'm also not opposed to purchasing from the internet, for what its worth.

Sorry for the breadth of the post, but between the ultra low prices I see people mentioning compared to what they go for from their store and the different quality levels per brand, I had more than just a specific question.

Thanks for the help,


Senior Member
Jan 1, 2009
Reaction score
Hey Robert,

Well I just posted a "help buying suit" thread, but for my dad, so it's quite a coincidence that I check and see yours. I don't know where to begin for my situation, but I had some thoughts for yours...

First, regarding BB suits... it sounds like you'd be better suited for the Brooks Brothers Black Fleece line... much thinner than the main line, which seems to be cut for overweight congressmen. I think I'm in the same situation -- 6'3", about 205 lbs, but with wide shoulders, long arms, and a relatively lean waist (33/34). Therefore I have difficulty finding stuff that fits as well, including suits.

Second, I don't think you'd need to go up to $1200. In the thread I started, I mentioned I've been looking at Yoox.com. While I haven't seen anything right just yet, I feel like you should give them a try, in case you haven't yet. There's some serious discounts there. Also, Gilt groupe, which had BB Black Fleece a few months ago (I want to say that $3500 suits were going for $1000)... If you need an invite, PM me and I'll give you one. If you know about both these sites already, then I apologize. One final suggestion, as far as labels are concerned, would be Ralph Lauren Black Label... which as I understand, was inspired by (or at least is reminiscent of) Cary Grant's wardrobes, in films like North by Northwest, etc. In that sense, it's fairly similar to BB Black Fleece.

Also, BB Black Fleece is done by Thom Browne, so perhaps you would keep your eyes out for TB main line as well. Finally, my last thought, is that to add a 4th to the 3 labels mentioned above, I'd include Michael Bastian. I'd like to see other SFers chime in on this... but I see {BB Black Fleece, Thom Brown, RL Black Label, Michael Bastian} as having a lot in common, and it sounds like that's the look you're going for, of course, correct me if I'm wrong.


Senior Member
Aug 18, 2008
Reaction score
I recommend thick as thieves. Their house cut is the slimmest and what they are known for. I usually get a more conservative cut. Cost around 450-500.


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2008
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Before you do something silly like purchasing a Thom Browne suit before trying one on - try them on. Make that trip out to Saks/Nordstrom and try on the different suits they carry. Once you've identified what you like (and the proper size) you can then troll for deals.


New Member
Jan 14, 2009
Reaction score
thanks for the replies.
Joy, I'll send a pm, I would like to have a look at the Gilt groupe.
Bc, I like the TaT suits. I'm thinking about trying one, but their not quite what I was targeting for this suit.
I went by the galleria today and tried on some suits.
The RLBL didn't fit well at all, and I wasn't that impressed.
The HF suits were super baggy in the upper arms, but otherwise alright.
At BB I tried some GF in the Regent (middle of the 3), that was pretty loose in the chest and waist, but affordable. The Black Fleece seemed much baggier than the GF and seemed less in quality.

I found an Isaia suit at neimans that was absolutely perfect. I wanted to put it on and make a break for it. It was a 39/40r in black and was going for 2850. I guess the next question would be if there are any similar suits to theirs, and/or how do you find them for less.


Senior Member
Oct 8, 2008
Reaction score
You should check out STP for Isaia suits. With coupons you should be able to get one for under $1000.

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