Help finding and investing in a good overcoat. Maybe a camel coat?

Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by angelescrest, Oct 5, 2016.

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    So I dress primarily for the university setting, and occasionally for church. My style tends to be more preppy, ivy style. Lots of merino sweaters and cardigans, wool pants, Allen Edmond shoes/boots, and knit ties if I wear a tie (every other day), of course when it's winter time.

    What I've been wrestling with, and missing, is a good winter coat that can fit over my blazers and the rare suit I wear. I have lots of jackets, from down puffers to a Barbour waxed jacket, as well as a couple wool coats that are too slim to fit over any Blazers or suits. Basically, anything in a size medium fits too perfectly, and works only if I'm wearing a dress shirt or light sweater underneath. Large coats are usually too large, and while it got fit in the shoulders I would have to get some tailoring done.

    It seems like I have to spend some decent cash to get a good coat, but I want to buy something that I can use, honestly, for the rest of my life. Both in terms of quality and a timeless style. I would also like a coat that isn't extremely formal, so that I could get away dressing it down like with nice jeans and knitwear.

    1) What should I be budgeting? I'd prefer to spend 500-750, but I don't know if that's reasonable.

    2) What kind of coat should I look for in terms of style, brands, materials, etc? If you know of any good posts that discuss this, please link to them.

    Lately, I have been looking at camel coats, with the idea that they are timeless. So I have been looking for a wool camel coat, double breasted. I've noticed the Ami version on Mr. Porter, and theSuSu one, both are nearly identical in style, though I don't know if they are good quality, and warm enough for northern cold winters. I'm also thinking of avoiding a full length coat since I rarely wear suits. The other coat I like, and is a classic style, is the Gloverall Duffel coat, maybe in a dark green or navy. It's less formal, a good length, but isn't particularly amazing or anything. Last winter I bought the J.Crew peaked lapel camel color topcoat, on a great sale, but the shoulders were too snug and I couldn't fit it over much. It seems like so many of the coats out there, with the slim style going on, don't really fit properly over a suit jacket. The Gloverall does not have this problem.

    I'd appreciate your thoughts. Any leads on companies and models I should be looking at, or particular styles, would be extremely helpful. Thanks.
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