Heads Up: Belstaff Tourist Trophy no longer "Made in Italy"

Discussion in 'Streetwear and Denim' started by amyshouseboy, Jan 14, 2013.

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    Sep 29, 2012
    Hi all, I've lurked on here for the last few months and absorbed quite a bit of useful info. Thought I would contribute a little of my own...

    I bought a new Belstaff Tourist Trophy jacket last week and discovered that it's now made in Romania. For those who don't already know, the TT is from Belstaff's Pure Motorcycle line and not the fashion/streetwear line. It's designed for riding and comes with D3O armor inserts in the elbows and shoulders. And yes, the one I bought was genuine. I spoke to the retailer and was informed that the new 2013 TT jackets are now being produced in Romania. According to them, quality has not been affected. I wouldn't know because I've never handled any other TT jacket.

    The retailer offered to take the jacket back, but I've decided to keep it. To me, it's the best-made jacket I've ever owned and will likely outlive me. It's also the best of the classic 4-pocket belted vintage motorcycling-inspired jackets that I considered—the other contenders were the Belstaff Roadmaster, Barbour International and Ralph Lauren Black Label Mariner. It's also heavier than the others, so it will probably be less of a year-round jacket.

    Anyways, without having a 2012 or earlier version of the TT to compare to, I'm very happy with mine. It appears that QC has been observed to a very high degree and since it's a keeper, the Romanian manufacture doesn't bother me. But for those of you considering a Tourist Trophy and who expect this to be an Italian-made article, I hope this info will be useful.

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    Jan 7, 2013
    I'm sure they passed some of the cost savings on to you right? right?!

    Everything has its place, but if I'm going to drop big money on something I want to ensure it is of a high quality and a place providing for its workers.

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    I bought my Italian made Belstaff TT back in 2012. The standard to which it is built is remarkably high. Ive not come across a better alternative.

    When i heard of the newer version of the TT in late '13 I was kind of jealous and a bit sad that i had the "non-membrane" model and was stuck with a product that was obsolete (obviously it's not obsolete, but thats the dumb feeling we get). Romanian manufacturing didn't/doesn't bother me. Nor does it mean a decrease in quality. I've played American made guitars that sucked and Mexican/Chinese made guitars that are fantastic. There are so many variables to be considered. So I went and checked out a Romanian TT in person...

    SHORT VERSION : I'm very happy with my non-membrane, obsolete, Italian jacket.

    I only spent about five minutes wearing my jackets Romanian counterpart, but it didn't feel 'right'. I don't expect it to feel the same or really similar even, but it just didnt feel 'right'. It fit weird in the arms and the body seemed boxier than my Italian jacket. The texture of the waxed cotton seemed flat and not as brilliant. It didn't radiate quality the way mine did the day I unboxed it. The lower buttons are painted black and that's just silly to me. The custom brass even seems oddly inferior. I think if i had to pinpoint one thing that made it seem of less quality it would be the textiles. They just didn't feel right. Belstaff has been around the block as a company. They are under new ownership ever other day it seems like. So you should totally be glad that you even have one! Prices seem to go up every year.

    The crazy thing is, my jacket has only gotten better. Easily one of the best investments I have made in my wardrobe/safety.

    In August of 2012 I was cruising through TX on my Triumph Bonneville. Around 10:43pm I hit a deer at 74+MPH. I was wearing a full face helmet and my Belstaff. Im confident they both saved my life. I walked away from the accident unharmed. It only tore on the elbow pad part and back. it didnt sever any fabric, but just ripped the first layer of the elbow pad! The accident tore a hole in the upper back left shoulder about the size of a quarter. Once again, all fabric intact. Just a tear.

    I contacted Belstaff and they said if i shipped it to their NY headquarters they would do all the repairs for free.


    I will say your jacket is still of much higher quality than the thin fashion line jackets as well as the Barbour International which i also own.

    Wear it in good health!

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