Has anybody removed elbow patches from a blazer?

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by francoamerican, Jun 23, 2013.

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    I have searched and found discussions on this concept but I couldn't find any definitive answer as if somebody has actually gone through and removed patches from a new jacket

    Here's the one I'd like to remove patches from.


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    great success

    i spent awhile looking for an answer as well and couldn't find one. when i saw your post, i knew that my entire life had been building towards this moment, and i had to do it.

    in my case, it was a new fast fashion wool blazer, and the patches were, as i had hoped, quite simply sewn on. i cut the seams (i don't own a seam ripper and i just use tiny scissors) and that was all it took.

    i also had to steam press the elbows afterwards, as the patches had left an impression. but there were no complications or surprises. now there is no evidence that those ponderous polyester blemishes had ever existed.

    in theory, it could be more complicated if the patches are fused / glued on and / or have additional threads running through them, or if the jacket is second hand and has some wear and tear surrounding the patches but not on the cloth underneath.

    i'm sure you've long since moved on, but i had been looking for this information as well, so hopefully this information will benefit someone in the future. it's so ridiculous that someone would think the addition of cheap black polyester patches to the elbows of a new wool blazer would somehow make it better.

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