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    With Spring in full swing and StyleForum posters always looking for excellent deals, it’s time to highlight Uniqlo again. Uniqlo has been undertaking a full court press to push forward and expand throughout the United States, and their online presence (and online store) gets better every season. It’s pretty nice.

    Backgammon in London

    I want to help this poster out, and it’s a really specific request: he’s looking for regular backgammon games in London. I didn’t know that people played backgammon competitively – to the point where they’d want to participate in regional or consistent games – but help a brother out.


    Hair gets a short shrift on most forums, but for all of you who have figured out how to buy a suit that fits but are clueless on everything else, we’re here to help! Post your picture, post how you want to look (no Ryan Gosling pictures please) and we’ll set you straight.

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