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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by dm2703, Jan 26, 2013.

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    I am within 1-2 weeks of buying a suit, or two. My local men's shop offers MTM suits from H Freeman and a Southwick. I'm planning on going soft shoulders, 3/2, slightly fitted, pick stich, single vent-no hook.

    Southwick was the maker of a suit I own by J Press; I have no problems with this garment, it's a little rough and stiff- even after a year in service, but otherwise it's construction and shoulders suit me fine (intended).

    H. Freeman was the manufacturer of a blue blazer I purchased about this time last year. They took far longer than I had anticipated to make it, the "soft" shoulder appears lumpy to me and the construction seems outright fragile- and it is- compared to the Southwick suit, after I pinched the fabric it developed these bumpts that won't go away. It also fit me better than the OTR suit I mentioned.

    Now the guy who I'm going to order it from keeps telling me that he thinks that H Freeman is making better suits at the moment, and I have no reason to not trust his judgment. However, I keep having this thought in my head: what if it's just like the blazer (which I purchased from a different men's shop when I lived in a different city). In any case, if any of you have any idea about picking between the two I'd like to hear your input. Thanks.

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    I only own one H. Freeman jacket and no Southwick garments. From what I've seen at my local tailor's shop, who currently carries Southwick, I'd go with Southwick. He actually used to carry H. Freeman before Southwick but dropped them, I believe, because they were making too many errors on the MTM stuff.

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