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H-F DB Dplmt 42R Drk Navy Pnstrp Trade/Sale

Discussion in 'B&S Archive' started by misterbowles, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. misterbowles

    misterbowles Senior member

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    May 7, 2004
    Burlington, VT
    Hickey-Freeman DB "Diplomat," marked 42 R, in a very dark Navy blue (almost black) w/single white pinstripe, in Tasmanian Super 120's, made for Saks Fifth Avenue. Model P138, if that helps. In almost new condition; may have been worn once or twice, if that. Pristine, really. I'm just a bit too broad in the chest for this, unfortunately - it's probably the nicest suit I own at the moment, to be honest. The fabric is amazing.

    Chest - 45"
    Waist - 43"
    Outside sleeve - 25"
    Length - 33"
    No vent

    Waist - 37" with 1" to let out, no buttons for braces
    Inseam - 31" (cuffed) with 1/2" to let out

    Would prefer to trade for a standard 46R (SB or DB or Tux) of similar make/quality. My optimal measurements are:

    Chest: 47"/48"
    Waist: 45"/46"
    Sleeve: 24" (25 max)
    Length: 31-33"

    Waist: 37/38" (40" max)
    Inseam: 30-31"

    Thanks for taking a look. Pics provided upon request, as I only have a crappy webcam at the moment...

    - John

    I also would consider selling for ~$300, but would much prefer to trade. I'd also consider trade for shirts (17 - 34/35), ties, or shoes (10 1/2 - 11, widish)), as well.

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