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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by Humanfactor, May 9, 2012.

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    Dec 25, 2010
    Hi Gang,

    I just received my Grenson Stanley's today. I was very concerned about the sizing as I once remember trying Grenson's on and they ran a bit larger than most UK shoes.

    I typically take a US 11 (for normal width "F") and a US 10.5 (for wider width "G"). I ordered Grenson Stanley's in UK 9.5 G and they fit perfectly.

    I have to admit, I was a bit biased by the fact that most Grenson shoes (G2 line) are made at a shoe factory in India. However, from what I read on the Grenson website and from an article by Tim Little (Grenson head) I believe there are enough quality control mechanisms and proper UK Grenson manufacturing techniques shared with the Indian operation to insure quality. The leather appears to be of a good grade, the stitching and detail work looks precise enough. Overall for the price point I think it is a good value. There is also the intrinsic value of interesting styles coming out of Grenson that I believe also supports this price point.

    I like the fact that Grenson took the traditional brogue and enhanced the detail a bit... a bit larger brogue holes, double sole and burnished leather around the toe area. It is classic looking and falls just right in the middle between a more conservative brogue and some of the ones that are a bit over the top, e.g. Grenson Archies, Trickers Burton or the Alfred Sargent Appleby.

    In the USA there are some well known , high end men's stores selling these for $350 US. I believe if you do your research you can find some good deals on these shoes from some of the UK sellers.

    I have only worn them for one day, but I am very satisfied with them and plan on doing a YouTube review of them soon.

    - Michael

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    HI Michael,

    You said you normally took an half size smaller in G fit than the F fit for your Grenson. Could you share whether you had to sacrifice for a shorter shoe, considering your G fitting shoes are smaller by an half size? How shorter your Grenson Stanley than your other Grenson shoes in F fitting?

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