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    Oct 24, 2004
    I was looking for a new casual linen sportcoat for the spring/summer. I found some fabric I liked at Online Suits, so I went thru the process of measuring myself for the website and placed my order. About a 1/2 hour later I get a cell phone call, it is the tailor from the webite, it turns out he is 7 miles away in a hotel on his tour of North America. He asks if I would like to be measured by him and to see some swatches of fabric not available online. So I get to the hotel an hour later and he remembers me from a cashmere suit I had ordered a year ago. I ended up with 6 shirts and a sportcoat. I got 2 Pure Linen casual, soft collared shirts, 2 pure cotton in cool summer check and stripe. A Egyptian cotton and a Swiss cotton shirt, all casual with soft collar. I asked for MOP buttons, but they only had fake MOP, so I settled for them, I can always have them changed. The sportcoat I wanted a tan with cream stripes pure linen, I also wanted it 1/4 lined, very loose/comfortable,(working sleeve buttons we're a whole $10 more, so I splurged) single breasted, 3 button. They said it would take a little longer than usual, 3-4 weeks. how long did it usually take 1-2 weeks ? anyways he is sending me a shirt firdt to check fit/details and then the rest after tweeks. Oh, ya, I almost forgot the best part, $500 for everything. Believe that? they are in Bangkok and you get an awful lot for your dollar there I guess. Some of the other sites we're @$300 per shirt. So I will let you know how iw turns out when I get the 1st shirt. Online Suits is the website and they are pretty flexable, just ask and they can pretty much do anything, it is a little family owned tailor shop so I guess the service is one on one.

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