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GREAT IVY/TRAD PANTS MEGATHREAD! Some NWT! Plus Fours/Knickers! Ben Silver, Bills, Corbin, Brooks Br

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May 18, 2009
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I have a slew of wonderful trousers to pass on today--including some lovely wool tartans, perfect for winter, and some Ivy standbys, such as charcoal wool flannels, Nantucket Reds, Bills khakis, cords, and more!


Please PM with interest and offers!

1) Plus-Fours / Knickers. These are wonderful--and, as with all Plus Fours, increasing rare! ALl wool, from landav Designs, these have thick belt loops, as shown, and velcro fastening at the cuffs. Thick and sturdy, these feature a D-ring at the waist; these are clearly more hunting than golf-course! They're flat front and in excellent condition. Tagged 34, these measure Waist: 16 1/2, Inseam: 19 3/4. Asking just $25, or offer.

2) BEAUTIFUL! Old School Script Label LL Bean trousers, in thick wool charcoal herringbone; I have a pair of these myself, and they wear like iron--and yes, mine are used around my small farm as workwear, and still look great! Flat front, excellent condition. Waist: 16 1/4; Inseam 28 1/2 (+1). Asking $25, or offer.

3) SOLD Wool tartan trousers. Flat front and all wool, these are the Winter Ivy classic! Excellent condition. Waist: 18, Inseam 32 1/4 (+3). Asking just $25.

4) Nantucket Reds! No, not winter wear, but still beautiful--and a great deal on the off-season! These are Regatta Reds by Puritan of Cape Cod. They're flat front, and MADE IN THE USA--and remember, Murray's reds are now "imported"! ;) These are in excellent condition, and measure Waist: 17 1/2, Inseam 29 1/2 (+1). Asking just $25.

5) SOLD Beautiful, versatile plaid trousers--an Ivy winter and Fall classic! These are flat front and all wool. They're in excellent condition. Waist: 17 3/4, inseam 31 1/2 (+2 1/4). Asking just $25.

6) Vineyard Vines cords. In a lovely shade of blue! All cotton. These have a minor hanger mark, but this will vanish after the first laundering or dry cleaning. They're flat front, and apart from the hanger mark in excellent condition. tagged 36U, these are cuffed. Waist: 18 1/2, Inseam 34 (+1), with 1 1/4" cuff. Asking just $24.

7) SOLD Bills M2 khakis. Made in the USA--of course! Flat front, and in Very Good/Excellent condition as they ahve a very very small white mark on one thigh, as shown. Tagged 38, these measure Waist: 19 1/4, inseam 33 1/2 (+2 1/4). Asking $25.

8) SOLD Brooks Brothers Summer Trousers. Dating from the gold block script on white label days, these are in a lovely shade of baby blue, perfect for summer--and in excellent condition apart from one scuff mark, as shown! Flat front, cuffed, and USA Made, these measure: Waist 19, inseam 30 1/2 (+1), with 1 1/2 cuff. Asking just $19.

9) Glen Plaid trousers. Cut from a lovely all-wool glen plaid cloth, these are perfect for Fall or Winter. Some age discoloration to the lining, but otherwise excellent, these are pleated and cuffed. Waist: 18 1/2, inseam 31 1/2 (+1), with 1 3/4" cuff. Asking just $20.

10) BEN SILVER charcoal flannel trousers by Majer. In absolutely excellent condition, these beauties are pleated and cuffed. Made in the USA, they feature both belt loops and interior buttons for braces/suspenders. Waist: 19, inseam 30 1/2 (+ 1), with 1 1/2" cuff. Asking just $32.

11) NWT Made in Italy by Moda Uomo Firenze wool flannels. Made in Italy from Italian cloth woven by Lessona of Italy, these beautiful charcoal trousers are NWT, and hence in absolutely excellent condition. They are pleated and cuffed. Waist: 20, inseam 30 (1/2), with 1 1/2" cuff. Asking just $30.

12) NWOT Corbin lightweight wool trousers in miniature puppytooth with miniature overcheck. The patterning and colourway of these trousers are just wonderful! Made in the USA by Corbin, these are NWOT, and are unhemmed. They're in excellent condition. Waist: 19, inseam 37 unhemmed. Asking just $30, or offer.

13) Levi's 501. The Ivy classic jean! Tagged 38/32, but these are SMALLER--waist 17 1/2, inseam 28 1/2. These are also much closer to dark blue indigo than my pictures show. Excellent condition. Asking just $22, or offer.

14) Bills Khakis Blue M2P. Pleated and cuffed, these are lighter weight, ideal for Spring or Summer. They're rumpled, and so in Very Good/Excellent condition. Made in the USA, of course! Pleated and cuffed. Tagged 6, these measure Waist: 18, inseam 29 1/4 (+1/2), with 1 3/4 cuff. Asking just $25.

15) SOLD BEAUTIFUL Polo Blue Label Tan Glen Plaid trousers. These are gorgeous! made in the USA, these feature side-adjusters, pleated front, and cuffs. They're in absolutely excellent condition. Waist: 19, inseam 32 1/2 (+ 1/2), with 1 1/2" cuff. Asking just $30.

16) SOLD BERLE Banana Yellow Khakis. Cut from thick, solid twill, as one would expect from one of the most venerable of USA trouser makers, these are lovely--and a wonderful shade of dark banana yellow! Made in the USA, these are pleated and uncuffed. They feature belt loops as well as interior braces/suspender buttons. They're rumpled from storage and have one or two minor scuff, hence Very Good condition. They measure Waist 19, Inseam, 28 1/22 (+1 1/4). Asking just $22.

17) Polo Blue Label linen trousers. These are lovely! Pleated front and cuffed, these have a blemish--a brown mark by one cuff, as shown. Because of this, they are in Good/Very Good condition. Tagged 40/30. Waist 19 3/4, inseam 29 1/2 (+1), with 1 1/2" cuff. Just $15, or offer.

18) SOLD Plaid Trousers from 1979! These are awesome! Made by Joshua Trent, these have elasticated side adjusters which still work perfectly. They are flat front and uncuffed. They feature interior "grip" areas, as shown, which are ow slightly discolored.. They're in Very Good/Excellent condition, and were made on December 11th, 1979! No fabric content, but likely wool, and likely USA made. Waist 21, inseam 30 (+2 1/4"). Asking just $22, or offer.

Take 19 and 20 together for just $13 shipped!

19) SOLD Midnight Blue wool trousers from Paolo Vistor of Milan. Made in Italy. Flat front and uncuffed, in their day these were a lovely pair of trousers! Now, they have multiple "splash" stains, rather like one would get from being splashed with muddy water by a car driving past. These might or might now come out with dry cleaning, and so these are just $10--basically FREE, but for the cost of shipping. Waist 21, Inseam 29 (+2).

20) SOLD Khaki wool trousers from Paolo Vistor of Milan. Made in Italy. Flat front and uncuffed, in their day these were a lovely pair of trousers! Now, they have multiple "splash" stains, rather like one would get from being splashed with muddy water by a car driving past. These might or might now come out with dry cleaning, and so these are just $10--basically FREE, but for the cost of shipping. Waist 2 1/4, Inseam 29 1/2 (+1)

21) Murray's Toggery Shop Reds. Very Good condition. Waist 20 3/4, Inseam 31 (+2). Tagged 42/32. Asking $22.

22) Charleston Twills seersucker shorts. Very Good condition. Waist 20, Inseam 8. Asking $10.

23) Brooks Brothers khakis. 346 line. Tagged 40/32. Waist 20, Inseam 30 1/2. Very Good condition. Asking $16.

24) Polo khakis. Tagged 38/32 (but see measurements). Very Good condition. Waist 18 1/2, Inseam 28 (+1), with 1/2 cuff. Asking $16.

25) Seersucker trousers. Unknown fabric--maybe polycotton--unknown maker. Some minor brown spotting in a few areas, such as knees and back of thighs. Good condition. Waist 20 34, Inseam 29 3/4 (+1), with 1 1/2 cuff. Asking just $10--good knockabout summer trousers!

26) Levis 501. Button fly. The American classic! Tagged 38/32. Waist 19; inseam 31 1/2. Asking $18, or offer.

27) Cashmere and Wool; Made in Italy. Pleated front, excellent condition. Waist 18 1/4, inseam 32 1/4, plus 3". Asking $16, or offer.

28) Corbin charcoal grey wool trousers for The English Shop of Princeton. Lovely and classic! Flat front. Excellent condition. Waist 18 1/2, inseam 27 (+3). Asking $15

29) Charelston Khakis. MADE IN USA Terrific! Seriously robust, classic khakis. Pleated. Very Good/Excellent condition. Asking just $10, or offer.

Waist: 15
Inseam: 27 1/2



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