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Got / getting fabrics – help on deciding what to do with them


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Mar 20, 2006
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Will be making a trip to HK later in the year and getting some stuff tailored. Got a few recommendations for tailors and will likely go with Peter Lee. I wanted to get some thoughts and ideas on fabrics and what to do with them.

To start off, I picked up four fabrics off this forum at attractive prices. I'd like to get SCs made with each of them.


This was inspired by a picture I found on a blog at some point and saved it:

Two button, dual vent, pretty standard. The picture doesn't have flap pockets though most of my SCs do. Any thoughts?
I will likely show this picture to the tailor unless anyone has experience with this ending up poorly.

#2. Fabric #69

Similar to previous one, 2B, dual vent, SB. Any thoughts on this as a SC? I tend to lean towards solid colors for SC's, will this be versatile enough? I have 3.5 yards of this so a suit may be do-able if a SC absolutely does not work.

#3. Fabric #188

Similarly, wondering about versatility as a SC.

#4. Fabric #115

Really like the color. Similar SC. Also have 3.5 yds and could probably get a suit as well.

I want to add elbow patches as well, generally because I like the BC ones on the forums and I have never seen one which would fit me well at a decent price. Any recommendation on a place to buy them from?

Any input on this button on the collar?

I don't remember where I got the picture from but what is the purpose of it? I assume in the cold, one could snap it to prevent wind from getting in. I like the idea of it, and am tempted to ask that it be added on #4.

Would like some thoughts or input on any of the fabrics above. Things to change, maybe options to consider. On a side note, I have quite a few suits and am generally trying to add to my SC collection. But if any of them seems especially appropriate for a suit, I'd consider adding some trousers.

I was also thinking of having one made especially for the hotter months, ideally unlined:

Any suggestions on which one works best? I was thinking the first or last but open to other suggestions.

Would also like some thoughts / help on shoulders and buttons. The whole soft shoulders / padded shoulders is a bit perplexing at times. I understand the difference and want to lean towards softer shoulders but sometimes like the structure that something like a RLBL suit provides. Maybe something in between? Or alternate between one and the other?

Next, I was thinking between adding a three-piece suit or a tux. I have never worn either of them. However, both seem like handy items to have, for the right occasion. For the tux, I really wanted one in a dark navy blue but I realize it might be stupid to have your only tux in a color other than black. Any thoughts?

Alternatively, I have seen some interesting 3-pieces and that is also an option. Plus, with a 3-piece, I can wear it as a suit if I don't want to wear the vest. I found the following four fabrics at British Fabrics on eBay (http://stores.ebay.com/BRITISH-FABRICS). I think they are interesting choices and would like to hear some thoughts. Alternatively, open to other fabric options as well.


I think my interest in a 3-piece was also spiked by this absolutely bad-ass pic posted at WAYWRN. Understandably, the bad-ass-ness doesn't come from the suit as much as the attitude and picture.

To add a bit of context, I'm 25. Will be going back to business school in the fall. I think the SCs will be handy to have in the campus setting as the undergrad days are long gone. Again, have a good selection of suits so not leaning towards them.

Pic of myself for reference as well. Now with more hair!

Thanks for any input!

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