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Good bye 3pc Bespoke Graham Browne charcoal grey double breasted suit Appox 38R

Discussion in '2011-2017 Classic Menswear' started by add911_11, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. add911_11

    add911_11 Senior member

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    Jun 3, 2010

    Now I just want to get rid of it, hence the literal final price drop.

    I realized the tailor had cut the suit in a contemporary manner, it is no longer my cup of tea.
    This is the same item I had posted in the forum before.

    Far too many details to tell, pictures enclosed and measurements as follows. Generally It will suit a Tag size 38R or 40 inches real chest.
    The coat is cut a bit short so it can be used as a separate blazer.
    Fabric: The Blenheim Collection by J.J Minnis - super 130 with 16.8 micro wool
    Retail for £1500, only worn 3 times and £1000 off.


    Shipment is extra, pls let me know where do you live

    Measurement as follows:
    Front shoulder: 17.5 inches
    Back shoulder: 18 inches
    Back center drop: 29 3/4 inches
    P2p: 19 inches
    Shoulder to sleeves: 24.5 inches
    Waist: 18 inches

    waist could be let out,

    Center drop back: 20 1/8 inches
    Waist: 17.5 inches

    Waist can be let out

    High cut, no back pockets
    Length: 40.5 inches
    Leg open: 8 1/4 inches
    Waist: 17 inches

    Open to reasonable offers [​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02755[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02756[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02757[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02758[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02759[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02760[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02761[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02763[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02764[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02765[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02766[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02768[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02769[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02770[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02772[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02773[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02774[​IMG]
    Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC02793

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