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    Hello all,

    Very recently Tim and I were working late in the work shop, when the telephone rang (quite unusual at 22:00). On the other end was a long time customer of ours who has brought several belts and wallets over the years.

    Having dealt with the pleasantries, hello, how are you etc, we got down to business, it transpired that the customer unbeknown to us was an avid collector of Allcock Aerial reels, which in their day back in the early nineteen hundreds, were the ‘state of the art’ fishing reel but were over engineered and crafted which limited their marketability until eventually production ceased altogether in the 1950’s.

    Our client was keen for us to make a leather case based on an antique version specifically for one of his 4 ½” sized reels (produced by Farlows of Pall Mall, purveyors of fine fishing tackle for over 170 years) and to be as true to the original case as possible.


    Some time passed whilst we got to grips with the challenge of sizing, pattern cutting, guessing allowances and finally cutting the materials. Not only is the choice of materials critical; correct substance and leather type, reinforcements of the right stiffness and thickness to give the case it’s rigidity, suitable adhesives and linings, but also the demands of case/box stitching by hand are considerable and are not seen often these days as most cases of this type are almost always sewn with a corner stitching machine.

    The proof however would be down to the customer’s opinion and also if the reel, would it slide snugly into the case?

    Thankfully the reel fitted perfectly and an order for several more in the bag – bingo!


    If you would like further information and to learn more about what was involved you can find out more information here Worcestershire Leather Company - Vintage Fishing Reel Cases Reborn


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