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    I have been on something of a mission lately to find a new briefcase/attache case. I have considered getting a soft-side case made at Custom Hide, looked at the offerings of such retailers as and (where I actually purchased their Barolo portfolio for lighter use), and I have drooled over the bespoke attaches produced by Swaine Adeney, Ettinger, and Foster & Son. One day...

    By way of background, I am a California-based commercial lawyer who travels frequently both to Asia and Europe (particularly London) on business. My Briggs and Riley luggage (there's nothing better IMHO) hauls all my clothes and sundries, but I want a lightweight(ish), classy briefcase for my work files, laptop, and miscellaneous work-related stuff. A soft-sided bag is convenient, but well, I'm getting bored with those.

    So, after much searching, I find myself drawn to a classic attache case offered by Globe Trotter. It has a strong pedigree both for larger luggage (Queen Elizabeth used it on her honeymoon), and attache cases (Winston Churchill used one). And it is not something you see every day, so it has some serious classic style. The cases are significantly lighter than leather (esp. bridle leather) attaches, which is good for travel. And the depth (4.25") is perfect for carrying my computer and other stuff around.

    Assuming this is the direction I go, what do you all think about color? Straight up black or brown are obvious choices for conservative business client use. But what about navy blue, or some other variations? Conservative and appropriate enough for business use?

    I really like this classic navy blue with black leather trim:

    This "cocoa" one, still in the brown family, also is appealing:

    (Sadly the pictures on the website are pretty dark, but other pictures I have turned up elsewhere on the internet show the colors to be a bit more vibrant than they appear on Globe Trotter's website.)

    Anyway, thanks for your thoughts and input. I am new to this forum, but there is a lot of great info here!
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