Global traveller on the road for a year or two, mostly in warm climes - pleasure trip mostly.

Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by JackFoxe, Sep 12, 2016.

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    Sep 12, 2016
    Hello to all. I’m really desperate for some advice as I’m presently on the road (right now in Bolivia) and will be for a year or so, not working but gentleman travelling. I’m trying to build my (bespoke) smart clothing suitcase wardrobe to have as many combo ensembles as possible. I am spending most of my time in South America and very shortly, Asia, with a stopover in London or New York to stock up on cloth to make additional clothing and accessories. My colouring is pale skin and silver hair and am a young 41 (I believe :) ).

    What is presently in the suitcase:

    (3 x 9.5/10 oz suits)
    1 x Tan glen check 3 piece - SB
    1 x Black and white glen check 3 piece - SB
    1 x Navy pinstripe 3 piece - SB
    * - Presently being made - 1 x tropical wool & cashmere 8oz light beige double breasted 2 piece suit.

    1 x Navy semi-lined cotton blazer - SB
    *-Presently being made - 1 x grey semi-lined Irish linen blazer, 8oz, SB - patch pockets.

    1 x 12 oz mid-grey merino wool flannels
    1 x 13 oz beige merino wool blend flannels

    2 x pima white cotton French cuff shirts
    2 x pima white cotton barrel cuff shirts
    1 x Bengal poplin barrel cuff
    1 x Bengal narrow stripe poplin barrel cuff
    1 x mid-blue poplin barrel cuff.


    1 x Loakes Tan Burford Brogues

    RE SUITS: I’m thinking of getting an 8oz mid/light grey pinstripe cloth and storing the navy pinstripe and one of the glen checks.

    RE BLAZERS: I am desperately short of blazers and missing lighter colours as they are more suitable than the suits for daytime wear. I am very keen on gun club check in a silk and linen blend. Are there any American cloth suppliers I may contact for this as I'm in South America? Might be easier to send to where I presently am (in Bolivia) than from UK.

    RE TROUSERS: Here I am truly, truly stumped – beyond grey flannels and beige flannels, what should I go for in terms of colour and or materials? I need at least two more pairs. I’m 5ft 7” at a push so tend to go for colour’s of mostly the same spectrum e.g. stone or beige then getting lighter on the top half as regards the shirt to elongate the body.

    RE SHIRTS: I’m missing a pink shirt that’s for sure, but any other suggestions? I could do with maybe three more shirts?

    RE SHOES: Black is the colour clearly needed I believe – I’ll probably jump for Oxfords or Derbys or Monkstraps and perhaps a pair of loafers? Not sure what colour or material.

    Any help and advice would be very much appreciated. I’ll be in London shortly so will be able to order most material including from USA.

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    For sportsjackets, I think that one in a bright blue might be good, especially with cream trousers.

    For a suit, it seems like you ought to have a mid grey solid one in there,

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    Sep 12, 2016
    Thanks for the response LA Guy - the tumble weed was getting deafening! I have a navy cotton sports jacket and am having a light grey linen jacket made. I think the grey glen check passes muster - and I'll just travel with that suit and send the rest onto London.

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