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    Wasn't sure exactly where to post this, but I am going to be in NYC for a few days, but will be on a pretty tight schedule. Â I would like to pick up a nice gift for my better half during that time, however, when it comes to jewellery, I'm admittedly an idiot. I mean, I know the difference between a VVS1 and SI3 diamond and generally have some idea of what things are worth, but I think that I all too often end up spending more as I end up in places like Tiffany, Cartier, etc. Â Ideally, I'd be looking at picking up some sort of diamond jewellery, but I have no idea where to go other than the usual suspects. Â I have strolled through the diamond district, but I have gotten the distinct impression from some discussions there that I am getting an even worse deal there than on 5th Ave. Â I also feel like at a place like Tiffany, there is less likelihood of being duped. Any tips on where to shop, who to talk to, etc. would be very much appreciated. Â There's more than enough discussion around here about where to buy stuff for ourselves, why not some discussion about where to buy for others? Â [​IMG]

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