Getting a summer (law) internship as an undergrad.

Discussion in 'Business, Careers & Education' started by ConcernedParent, May 25, 2011.

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    I'm looking to get a law related, unpaid internship for maybe 6 weeks through July/mid August. Seeing how late it is in the game, I really wouldn't turn down anything. Even shadowing a one man law firm would be amazing. Any experience that sheds light on a possible career path for me will be great; I have no other plans this summer. Currently I'm an incoming junior in between transferring schools and don't have access to the school network.

    Here's what I have going for me:
    -Attended a school with regional clout.
    -Attending a school with national clout next year.


    -It's already the end of fucking May.
    -I have literally zero work experience or extracurricular interest (I doubt my coffee shop or kegstand experiences count for much).
    -Don't have any connections.

    How do I go about this? Just cold call local law firms and ask if they need summer interns? Email them? Show up and give them a resume? Halp!
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    Cold call, offer to do any menial work they have around. You're terribly late unless you happen upon some firm that is pathetically desperate. [Very] Small firms may be your best bet (small as in 2 attorneys) to work for a handful of hours a week.

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