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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by DJosef, Mar 15, 2013.

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    I grew up in Hungary, a heavily German-influenced culture, am half German by blood, watch German television daily, and spent quite a lot of time in Germany and Austria... And even so (or because of that), I am always a bit surprised when people say that there is some kind of German suit tradition that is significantly distinct from the British and Italian styles.

    I always think about it, and go "wow, really? I never noticed."
    Well joke aside that Germans are badly dressed (and if Germans are, Hungarians are doubly so), even the well-dressed ones just seem to ape Italians, the British or the Americans - like Roetzel, a wannabe-Englishman all the way. :) The only thing that comes to mind as a nationa characteristic is a three-button suit, fully buttoned(!)...

    So I keep wondering if there is, or maybe WAS a recognizably German style of menswear. Books I read never talked about it, except hinting at its existence before doing away with the concept.

    So if you think you know what defines the traditional German style, what its history is, etc., could you share it with us? :)
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    Unless we're talking about traditional folk/volk Trachten, then I agree with you. It's an assortment of English and Italian, and that's just fine. Here in Frankfurt anyway. :D

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