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FS: random wrangler, levi, nike SB's, FABE and stuff


Jun 14, 2006
Reaction score
contact me at this email lilbucu AT hotmail DOT com or on AIM: lilbucu levi's capital E skinners they are brand new, never worn out (worn in my house for about 20 mins to test fit), and tags are off but included. they are brand new in a rinsed condition (came that way, no raw/rigid option). lighter oz cotton (i'm guessing 9ish or so, perfect for summer). i'm selling because i lost more wieght than i expected and these are too big on my now, plus i need money. bought these at the levi store in seattle for about 150$, will sell em for 70$ my lost your gain, measurements: inseam: 32 waist: 34 front rise: ~9.5 rear rise: ~14 leg opening: 10 details include cotton that is very slubby compared to most levi's the jeans should shrink after a wash. hand fastened rivits, first button is dougnut style. coool back pocket designs, two tone stitching everywhere. dark leather rear patch wranger 936DEN for sale. 20 bucks!! brand new, too big for me now too. details include broken twill raw denim. brass non scratch rivits. very heavy duty!!! measurements: front rise: 11.5 rear rise: 14 waist:33 inseam: 32 Leg opening: 8.5 40$ wranger 933GEs for sale, they are the same cut as the 936, but these jeans are of higher quility, GE= gold editions, you wont find these in stores, limited edition and i think special order only. GOLD stitching everywhere and real leather tag in the back. rivits have a vintage brushed look. they are brand new in a one wash state (i wish they came in raw). they are way darker than the 936 model.. measurements: front rise: 11.5 rear rise: 14 waist:32 inseam: 32 Leg opening: 8.5 nike sb dunk hi "de la soul" worn, very good condition. 200$ HK exclusive 2005 nike 6.0 worn, used, great condition.70$ lebron air force 130$ grey puma track jacket (small) in very good condition: 45$ http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00050.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00051.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00052.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00053.JPG 130inOne game boy advance game: 45 http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00069.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00074.JPG 126inONE game boy advance game: 45 http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00072.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00116.JPG nike sb pushead size 11 $220 helping a friend out with the following: all fake brown/gold baby milo bapsta patent leather 9.5 shoes http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00037.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00039.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00040.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00108.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00109.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00110.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00111.JPG new, never worn: 50 shipped small black northface fleece jacket (unisex) 25$ http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00055.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00056.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00057.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00058.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00059.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00060.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00061.JPG bape tshirts all new, size large 15$ #1 http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00062.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00063.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00064.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00067.JPG #2 http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00075.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00076.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00077.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00078.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00085.JPG #3 http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00079.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00080.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00081.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00082.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00083.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00084.JPG #4: 20$ http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00086.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00087.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00088.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00089.JPG #5 http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00090.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00091.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00092.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00093.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00094.JPG #6 http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00095.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00096.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00097.JPG #7: 20$ http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00098.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00099.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00100.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00101.JPG #8 http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00102.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00103.JPG http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00106.JPG #9 http://students.washington.edu/lilbu...y/DSC00107.JPG

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