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Fly fishing


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Jan 3, 2018
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I did fly fishing in Salt Lake City a year ago.

Lionel Hutz

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Aug 15, 2017
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How active/old is your dad? A little hiking goes a long way toward getting away from the crowds. We were in GT almost thirty years ago and memory is very hazy - the Snake is the big water, I seem to recall the Gros Ventre & Buffalo Creek (?), but I would check in w/ a shop in Jackson Hole to get info. DIY will save you $$, but booking a guide will save you time and frustration - there is a lot of water and they know it (and you don't). Where are your Yellowstone reservations? There's all kinds of online info and books re YNP fishing, and a bunch of shops in West (Craig Matthews' Blue Ribbon Flies :thumbs-up:),and a couple up in Gardiner at the north entrance. Floating would be the Madison or the Yellowstone (outside the park). You could also spend a day over in Idaho on the Henry's Fork (Mike Lawson's shop in Last Chance is great). The Gibbon/Firehole/Madison in the park are nice but are readily accessible and see a lot of anglers. Go a little out the way - the Lamar, Soda Butte, Slough Creek, etc. are still popular but I believe get less pressure than the water closer to the west entrance. Obviously June is prime time - again a good guide will get you away from crowds (let them know if that's what you want) and keep you from spinning your wheels.
Thank you for the helpful advice and input. My father is a former marathoner but at 73 he is slowing down. We are going to be staying at Healing Waters with a group of 10 and doing guided fishing. My girlfriend and I will be visiting YNP for the first time and there will be no fishing, just hiking and sightseeing.

So far we are staying 3 nights in grand teton (at least one of those days will be spent in YNP) at Colter Bay Village. Then we are going to Old Faithful lodge for one night in the "old house" (it was all we could get) and three nights in Mammoth hot springs cabins. . . . . the last night I haven't been able to find a place yet


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Mar 8, 2012
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This is still the best view in Eldorado Canyon. I fished and bouldered for a few hours this afternoon despite the 68 MPH wind gusts (wind speed reported in Eldorado Springs, just a little downstream of where I was fishing in the narrowest part of the canyon).

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Mar 31, 2007
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My father has built his life around fly fishing and hunting and he finally extended an invite to me to what he calls "Tarpon Camp". Every April since '95 a bunch of his friends have descended on the Florida Keys to catch Tarpon on the fly. He had some guys drop out this year (some are getting pretty old) so I went. But I hadn't thrown a fly rod since I was a kid.

So I took some casting lessons here in Pittsburgh before going and my teacher, speaking of Lefty Kreh, was good friends with the man and a student himself. Got to hear a few Lefty stories during the lessons.

Anyway, I was down in the keys for 4 days and finally caught two Tarpon on the fly on the fourth. Super happy about it. I'll get some pics up soon. I'm supposed to be doing some smallmouth bass fly fishing with my teacher this summer.


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Apr 8, 2009
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I really want to start fly fishing, however, I live in the West TX desert. It looks so fun though. I think there may be some spots in New Mexico that I could drive up to.

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