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Fit check and styling advice for this grey tweed jacket please?


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Jan 18, 2020
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For r2w probably wouldn't want to spend more than about £200 on a jacket. I mean, I have spent considerably more than that - the S&M one here was 400 odd once you factor in shipping and import duty. But I'd much rather spend less, of course. £400 (not far off a week's salary for a lot of people) for a r2w jacket already seems somewhat vulgar if you ask me!
But I do realise you get what you pay for.
Can't think of any decent RTW option for 200 quid. Charles Tyrwhitt, Harvie & Hudson and the like have some jackets on offer, but I wouldn't recommend them as the construction and pattern is cheap and looks awful in my opinion.
Next up you have Gieves, Hackett, etc., which tend to have a little better fit and construction, but those start at 400-500.

Another options is that you make the rounds, see what fits you, and then try to find similar online/discounted/ebay, etc.


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Apr 18, 2020
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That sounds like a good attitude. As I said, I think the jacket looks a lot better than others here are saying. I think it's ridiculous to suggest that you should just write off what you've spent on it because it doesn't fit some igent ideal. With a few alterations, it will look a lot better and you will look great in the eyes of those that count.


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Oct 20, 2020
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Thanks, yes it is the grey Donegal. I do have a good alterations tailor and the trousers will be the first thing she will be altering when she reopens on Monday following lockdown.
I will be asking her opinion on the jacket too ... I spent a sizable amount of money on it that I won't recoup from selling it so I want to at least try and make it work. It feels great to wear. And my wife says it looks very dapper on me . But she is not a menswear expert so why should I care about her opinion ;)
Don't get me wrong I am very appreciative of the opinions of everyone here but at the end of the day but at the end of the day I am confident enough in myself that I won't dislike something that I like, on the grounds of someone else having a different opinion. I've always been someone that tends to get complimented on how I look and dress, and I'm old enough to know that this is because I have confidence and an element of being very comfortable in my own skin no matter what I am wearing.
I may never get to the level of posting pictures in the WAYWT threads or getting photographed for style blogs, but that's not my main objective in life. @dieworkwear has some very insightful ideas he has passed on to me on thinking about style being like a language and thinking about what I am trying to communicate with it, and I've got it down to:

1. I am a trustworthy and professional person, and a good leader.

2. I am a person who takes an interest in my clothes and the way I look

3. But not too much interest ... I am not vain and as a family man as well as someone in a position of authority and leadership, I don't want people thinking I spend all my time trying on clothes and photographing myself in them. I have more important things to concern myself with.

Sounds big headed but remember that's what I want to communicate, rather than what I actually believe! It's mostly true - but I do spend a lot of time trying on clothes and photographing myself in them ... At the moment at least... I blame lockdown for this.
This sounds like a mature way to look at it. This hobby should be fun: learning the "rules" is useful because it gives you a baseline to work from, and it makes it easier to evaluate things you're considering buying. But the best part of knowing the rules is that you can decide to ignore them, and the result can work just fine for you. Wearing a tailor-fitted jacket is already a huge step up from how most people dress today.

Will be interesting to see what changes your tailor makes. Guess your days of trying on clothes and photographing yourself in them aren't quite over yet :)


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Aug 29, 2013
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My two cents -- the jacket is definitely not too large.

I see the closed/scissored quarters that @dieworkwear mentioned and a somewhat high buttoning point. I have a few jackets from the same maker, and I know that their jacket fronts are not intended to be this closed. The fronts of the jacket are too short for your body and posture in your photos. Do you normally stand this way? Or if you are actually standing more erect for the photo than you normally do, perhaps the jacket fits you better than the photos might suggest. Not unlike the problem in this thread: https://www.styleforum.net/threads/fit-advice-on-two-sport-jackets.683181/
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