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First Time Poster! Need Help

Robbie P

New Member
Nov 10, 2008
Reaction score
Hey guys, im new to the forum. Ive been reading some of the posts, but to be honest i know absolutely nothing about style.(I usually rock jeans and black tshirts all the time) Im currently going through a transition in my life where i want to start making strides in bettering myself and becoming a well rounded person. Ive been working out intensively for the last year, so i want to start properly dressing the physique ive built so far.

If any of you guys have any suggestions as to where I should start my learning process id greatly appreciate it.


Senior Member
Sep 18, 2008
Reaction score

1 - Read this board as often as you can.
2 - Don't be in a hurry to buy anything - especially if you think you will continue to change your physique - maybe you should wait until you have gotten to weight you want to be at, etc
3 - Read this board - do searches to see if something has been asked before
4 - Buy quality over quantity - no use not wearing something you bought on sale
5 - Read this board
6 - If money is an issue, use the buy and sell section of this board, try thrifting but understand what quality is before going
7 - Read this board
8 - Have fun with it
9 - Read this board, also there is ask andy which is also a good place of info (another website)

Your question has been asked in some way shape or fashion before, so maybe you can try and search for some of those threads.

Good luck!

porcelain monkey

Distinguished Member
Jul 13, 2008
Reaction score
Good advice above. I like the hands on approach as well. Depending on where you live, or travel to, seek out good men's stores and go in to look around. Higher end department stores and boutiques can be quite a learning experience on style, fit and construction of clothes. Try on some clothes. Get a feel for what you like and what you think looks good on you. (But be wary of sales associates telling you everything looks good. ) Also go to the library of bookstore and browse some books and magazines on men's style. Other good web sites for this sort of thing are men.style.com, sartorialist.com, and asuitablewardrobe.com

Robbie P

New Member
Nov 10, 2008
Reaction score
Thanks guys, i appreciate the advice. Im still a college student, so im pretty much broke. So i figured id learn a decent amount before i graduate in order to properly spend those paychecks once i get a good job.

Pictures wouldnt be that great, the physiques still a work in progress. Ive managed to lose 40 lbs, build a solid mass of muscle and now im in the process of cutting down again. Im currently on an extremely strict diet, which i plan to stay on until new years. Kinda want to start off the new year on the right foot.


Senior Member
May 15, 2008
Reaction score
No need to blow the student budget buying a bunch of clothes that won't fit again in 6 months!

But keep learning, reading, asking questions, (sounds like college, right?
) and you'll start to get a good idea or two.

Marcus Brody

Senior Member
Oct 19, 2008
Reaction score
One thing that really helped me out when I first started reading this board (and another one like it) was the list of similar threads at the bottom of the page. It can often really guide you through a whole spectrum of information on the topic.

But as to where to start, what sort of style do you like? Any preferences at all? As that is kind of hard to answer, which male celebrity would you most like to look like?

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