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First suit: worth keeping?


Jun 19, 2018
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Newbie here, hoping y'all could answer some questions for me.

I just bought my first suite used and I wanted to see if it is worth tailoring or if I should return it. I'm looking for a suit I can wear to interviews, social events, and wedding/funerals/etc.

Here's me in the suit I bought on ebay. Apologies for the mirror selfies. It's a solid charcoal Pal Zileri Gruppo 38R in Cerrutti s100's that looks like it's never been worn:

Here's my natural silloutte. There's 6" of overlap at the middle button in this photo:

Side view. The fabric behind the collar is bunched because I'm turning my head a bit:

My actual size is more like 36L but those don't really exist, so I went with 38R knowing there are some great tailors/bespoke garment makers in my area that could make it fit. The suit looked like a 3 roll 2 with a neutral gorge on ebay, but turned out to be an older hard 3 with a low gorge and heavy shoulder pads. I wanted the neutral gorge and 3 button to make me look heavier because in a well fitting shirt I look like a holocaust survivor. I guess I have three main questions:

1) Does the suit strike you as dated, between the low gorge and lapel roll?

2) Do you think the cut/style looks good on me? (Ignoring size)

3) If I decided to keep it, what alterations would you have done? I'm thinking take in the chest and waist, either have the shoulders brought in or some of the padding removed, slimming the pants, and taking the inseam in a bit? I know that's more work than you would typically have done on an OTR jacket but it's not like I'm likely to find a 36L (searching ""size 36L" suit" on ebay returns 1 relevant listing in the USA). Probably a few hundred bucks worth of work for what should amount to a semi-custom suit; assuming I can find a tailor who's up to the job?

3.5) On a side note, is there a name for fabric that has subtle horizontal variations in color due to, I'm assuming, color variations in the yarn? Does most solid suiting have that effect on close examination?

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