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First order from Mytailor.com


Senior Member
May 23, 2008
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I have become completely fed-up with the fit of OTR shirts and have decided to purchase a few MTM shirts from Mytailor.com I have been perusing SF for about 6 months now and have decided that I know enough to make that move forward even though I really shouldn't pay that much.

I briefly contemplated Jantzen, but it seems that (from the forum) one in three is satisfied, one in three is dissatisfied, and one in three is categorically against them.

I also contemplated local bespoke/MTM. There are two places, both seem to be about $150 a shirt which I decided was just too much for a lowly broke person like me.

So two-ply cottons from Mytailor seem to be just about right at ~$85 per shirt with shipping.

Because I won't need these shirts for work, they are merely for weekends and after work hours, I only need between 4 to 6 shirts for now. I plan on getting pretty much basics: solid blue, simple stripe, simple checks large, simple checks small, all button-down collars for wear under jackets.

So I guess my real question is how easy will it be for them to get the fit down? Should I order in batches of twos so that I can give advice for fixing the pattern or should I hope that they get it right the first time and order four at once?

I don't have anything too complicated, and I do have a few shirts that fit quite well which I could measure then ask for a few small changes.


Distinguished Member
Jan 24, 2008
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I had two mytailor.com shirts made when their rep was in town last year. Not bad for the price, but not the quality of Measure Up. All in all, a decent shirt for the price, but you get what you pay for.

Best option -- get measured by one of their reps during a road show. Second best would be to send them a MTM shirt to copy. If neither is an option, have a good local tailor measure you according to mytailor.com web site instructions. If you go with the last option, I'd suggest getting one or two test shirts as a starting order. Wear and launder it a few times then take it to your local tailor who measured you for modification to follow-on orders.

A final suggestion -- if this will be your first MTM shirt experience I highly suggest the local option. Get one or two to start. If the fit is not exactly right, they will alter it. The experience will cost a bit more, but you will learn from it. Then, have it copied in other fabric from mytailor.com. This what I did and it was worth it. $85 MTM shirts are a good deal, but only if they fit right.

Hope this helps,


Senior Member
May 13, 2008
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Unless you have them measure you while they're traveling, I'd get them one at a time until the fit is exactly how you want it.

I had my wife measure me, and the shirt I ordered is pretty good, better than most OTR I've purchased, but not perfect. I then visited Mr. Hemrajani in September when he was in San Francisco, had him measure me, and ordered 4 shirts, all of which I'm very happy with.

Twotone's suggestion above is also a good one.


Distinguished Member
Dec 28, 2006
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What brands are we familiar with that produce 2 ply shirts? What does band do?

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