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FIRST MASSIVE SHIRT MEGATHREAD! 75 shirts! DRESS AND CASUAL! Loro Piana, Turnbull & Asser, Hilditch

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May 18, 2009
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This sale--in this thread and my second Megathread--features over 140 shirts, both dress and casual, from makers such as Charvet, Huntsman of Savile Row, Turnbull & Asser, Hilditch & Key, TM Lewin, J. Press, Mercer, Brooks Bros, Pendleton wool, LLBean chamois, Woolrich, and more!

As always, I offer FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING IN THE CONUS, with International inquiries being very welcome!

Also as always, ALL OFFERS ARE VERY WELCOME, especially on two or more shirts!

Please PM with interest and offers!


GROUP 1: Sizes 15.5. 16, 16.5

1) Brooks Brothers straight collar. 15.5-5. A beautiful, older shirt! My pictures don't do this shirt justice at all; it's a wonderful pale lilac miniature glen plaid that's very, very subtle. In Very Good/Excellent condition, as it's older and I'm cautious! Contrast collar. $18

2) SOLD Brooks Brothers University Stripe OCBD. 15.5-35. Made in USA. Slim fit. Excellent condition. $20

3) SOLD Brooks Brothers OCBD. Blue. 15.5-35. Made in the USA. Excellent condition. $20.

4) Brooks Brothers BD. Blue. 15.5-36. Traditional fit, non-iron. Excellent condition. $18.

5) Another Brooks Brothers BD. Blue. 15.5-36. Excellent condition. Non-iron. $18.

6) SOLD Brooks Brothers OCBD. 16.5-35. Blue. Made in USA. Excellent condition. $20.

7) SOLD Land's End OCBD. 16.5-35. A lovely pale yellow. Excellent condition. $15.

8) SOLD Charles Tyrwhitt of Jermyn Street, London. 16.5-35. Non iron, French cuffs. Excellent condition. $20

9) Brooks Brothers. BD. A lovely green check! 16-34/35. Excellent condition. $15.

10) Britches of Georgetown. 16.5-35. A beautiful shirt from a defunct trad. store! Excellent condition. $18.

11) Hilditch & Key for SAKS. 16.5-L. (c. 16.5-36). A GORGEOUS shirt! French cuffs, excellent condition. Asking just $25.

12) SOLD Charles Trywhitt. Pink. Another GORGEOUS shirt! 16.5-34. French cuffs; excellent condition, except for a pin prick in the back of the collar. Asking just $20.

13) SOLD Charles Trywhitt check. 16.5-34. Non-iron, tailored fit. French cuffs. Excellent condition. $18.

14) LLBean check shirt. Size 16-16.5. Very Good/Excellent condition. Made in the USA. Asking $12.

15) Brooks Brothers 16-34. A beautiful lilac stripe! Excellent condition. Asking just $18.

16) Land's End. 16.5-35. A lovely paler yellow shirt! Excellent condition. $16

17) SOLD GORGEOUS Brooksflannel shirt! 16.5-35. 80% cotton, 20% wool. This is absolutely beautiful, and in excellent condition! Asking just $25.

18) SOLD Ralph Lauren Yarmouth OCBD. Blue. 16.5-35/35. Excellent condition. Just $16.

19) SOLD Brooks Brothers OCBD. 16-34. MADE IN THE USA. Excellent condition. $18.

20) Brooks Brothers. Contrast collar and cuffs; tab collar. 16-35. MADE IN THE USA. Very Good/Excellent condition. Just $16.

GROUP 2: Sizes 16.5, 17, 17.5

21) Brooks Brothers. 16.5-33. Cream check on lichen green background. Lovely! Excellent condition. $18.

22) JosABanks Executive line. Cream.16.5-35. MADE IN USA. Very Good/Excellent condition. $12.

23) SOLD Gitman Brothers. 16-35. A beautiful shirt from a classic trad. maker! Excellent condition. $20.

24) TM Lewin. 16.5. MADE IN ENGLAND. French cuffs. This dates from when Lewin was aspiring to be a real Jermyn Street shirtmaker! Excellent condition. Asking $22.

25) SOLD Lands End University stripe OCBD. A beautiful shirt! 16.5-16. Excellent condition. $20

26) Brooks Brothers 17.5-33. Excellent condition. $18.

27) Brooks Brothers check. 17-33. Excellent condition. MADE IN USA. Asking $20.

28) SOLD Mercer & Sons. 17-34. Made in USA. "Baggier is better". One of THE Ivy shirtmakers, these appear infrequently on the secondary market. Very Good condition; some minor marks in collar area, as shown. $18.

29) SOLD Rubinacci. Made in Italy. 16. Very Good/Excellent condition. $16

30) SOLD Turnbull & Asser. A classic green check! Made in England. Size 17.5, BUT check measurements, as collar is smaller: Chest: 25, sleeve c. 34, collar c. 16. Asking just $18.

31) Brooks Brothers. Royal Blue. MADE IN USA. 17.5-34. Excellent condition.$18.

32) Gitman Brothers. 17-34. A lovely shirt from a classic trad makers! Excellent condition. Asking $18.

33) Josef Borg of Princeton. Borg was the last of the Princeton bespoke tailors to close; it shut up shop last year. This is from 1979, and is a classic Borg shirt; a true collector's item now, although utterly wearable! Chest: 26, sleeve c. 36, collar c. 19 1/2. Asking $15.

34) Brooks Brothers. Daffodil yellow with cream stripe. 17-33. Excellent condition. $16.

35) SOLD Brooks Brothers. 17-34. MADE IN USA. A beautiful shirt! Excellent condition, except for some rumpling. $20

36) SOLD Brooks Brothers OCBD university stripe. 17-34. Excellent condition! Asking $20.

37) SOLD Brooks Brothers OCBD. 17-34. GORGEOUS! THE perfect shade of Ivy pink! MADE IN THE USA. $22.

38) ANOTHER GORGEOUS Pink Brooks Brothers OCBD. Excellent condition, apart from a single thread run on collar, as shown, likely there from new. MADE IN THE USA! $22.

39) SOLD Brooks Brothers University Stripe OCBD. 17-34. MADE IN THE USA! Excellent condition. $20.

40) SOLD Brooks Brothers University Stripe OCBD. 17-34. MADE IN THE USA. Excellent condition. $20.

GROUP 3: VIYELLA! LORO PIANA! First Set of Casual Shirts! Sizes S, M, L and XL.

41) LLBean winter flannel. Size L. Excellent condition. Chest 23, sleeve c.34. Asking $14.

42) Viyella. BEAUTIFUL! 80/20 cotton/wool. A lovely shirt, in excellent condition, made by the original Viyella company. Size L. Chest: 23, sleeve c. 34 1/2. Asking just $25.

43) SOLD Orvis Viyella tattersall check. A wonderful and very, very trad shirt! In 80/20 cotton/wool. Very Good condition. Size L. Chest 23, sleeve c. 34 1/5. Asking just $18.

44) SOLD Viyella. GORGEOUS! Made in the USA. Gordon tartan. 80/20 cotton/wool. Excellent condition! Size L. Chest 24, sleeve c. 33 1/2. Asking just $25.

45) SOLD ANOTHER Orvis Tattersall! Beautiful! MADE IN USA. 80/20 cotton/wool. Very Good/Excellent condition. Size L, but more like a MEDIUM. Chest 21 1/2, sleeve 33 1/2. Asking $18.

46) Polo Curham Sport Shirt. Lovely and soft and perfect for winter! Size L. Chest 23 3/4, sleeve c. 33 1/2. Excellent condition. Asking just $18.

47) Ralph Lauren Blake check shirt. BEAUTIFUL! Size M, but more like a L. Chest 24, sleeve c.33. Very Good/Excellent condition. Asking just $16.

48) Brooks Brothers Green Stripe. Size XL, BUT measures as a MEDIUM. Excellent condition. Chest 21, sleeve 33. Asking just $16.

49) LLBean red flannel. Made in the USA. Very Good condition. Chest 23, sleeve c.33. Asking just $14.

50) STUNNING LORO PIANA CASUAL SHIRT! This is absolutely gorgeous! Cut from a wonderfully soft fabric that's a perfect shade of soft green, this has Mother or Pearl buttons, and is in absolutely excellent condition. MADE IN ITALY. Tagged "46", this measures: chest: 20 1/2, sleeve c. 31 1/2. Asking just $32, or offer, for this little gem!

51) Pendleton "Sir Pendleton" wool shirt. Size M. MADE IN USA. The trad winter classic! Excellent condition. Chest 20 1/2, sleeve c.33. Asking just $18.

52) LLBean green check flannel shirt. MADE IN THE USA. Very Good condition. Chest 23 1/2, sleeve c. 32. Asking just $14.

53) SOLD RARE! LIMITED EDITION BROOKS BROTHERS 185TH ANNIVERSARY SHIRT! This features a placket like a pop-over shirt, although this is not a popover and the placket does not reach to the bottom of the shirt, but instead ends below the waist. This is a beautiful shirt in absolutely excellent condition--and is very rare! MADE IN THE USA. Tagged L, this measures Chest 25, sleeve c. 34 1/2. Asking just $26.

54) Brooks Brothers striped Sport Shirt. Size L. Excellent condition! Chest 24, sleeve c.34. Asking $15.

55) Red flannel. Viyella fabric; 80/20 wool/cotton. Lovely! Excellent condition. MADE IN THE USA. Chest 24, sleeve c.35. Asking $18.

56) ORIGINAL VIYELLA for Alan Royce of Princeton. This is cut from the ORIGINAL Viyella fabric of 55/45 wool/cotton, which i believe is no longer made. This shirt was Made for Alan Royce of Princeton, a rival to Langrock and The English Shop. It's in excellent condition, except for the interior tag being off on one side. Asking just $25 for this lovely rarity! Chest: 21, sleeve 31.

57) J. McLaughlin--THE preppy Princeton store! A wonderful shirt, with contrasting collar and cuff on the INSIDE! Tagged L, this measures 22 1/2 chest, sleeve 34 1/5. Excellent condition. Asking just $18.

58) Brooks Brothers sports shirt; in a lovely salmon. Size L. Chest 24, sleeve c. 34 1/2. Excellent condition. Asking just $18.

59) Brooks Brothers cream sports shirt. Very Good condition. Chest 25 1/2, sleeve c. 34 1/2. Asking just $12.

60) BEAUTIFUL multicolored Gitman Brothers shirt. Size L. Excellent condition! Chest; 24, sleeve c.35. Asking just $18.

61) BEAUTIFUL Gitman Brothers "Sunburst" shirt! Chest 24, sleeve 35. Gorgeous, and in excellent condition. Asking just $18.

62) Brooks Brothers pink stripe. Size L. Non iron. Excellent condition. Chest 25, sleeve c. 34 1/5. Asking just $15.

GROUP 4: Sizes 16.5.

63) Land's End. 16.5-33. A lovely shirt! Excellent condition. $15.

64) Brooks Brothers 16.5-32/33. Non iron. A beautiful shirt in excellent condition; miniature lilac herringbone. Asking $18.

65) Land's End. 16.5-33. Excellent condition. $15.

66) Brooks Brothers. White, straight collar. 16.5-33. Non iron. Excellent condition. $17.

67) Brooks Brothers white miniature herringbone. 16.5-32/33. Non iron. Excellent condition. $18

68) Brooks Brothers blue miniature herringbone. 16.5-32/33. Excellent condition. Non iron. Asking $18.

69) Brooks Brothers blue. 16.5-33. Non iron. Excellent condition. Asking $18.

70) Land's End pink and grey check. A beautiful shirt! 16.5-33. Excellent condition. $15.

71) Land's End Original Oxford. 16.5-33. Excellent condition. Asking just $16.

72) Land's End Original Oxford. 16.5-33. A beautiful lilac! Excellent condition. Asking $16.

73) Land's End Hyde Park. 16.5-33. Excellent condition. $16

74) Land's End Super Fine. 16.5-33. Excellent condition. $16

75) Land's End Hyde Park--white. 16.5-33. Excellent condition. $16.



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