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First Gilt Purchase...


Stylish Dinosaur
Aug 10, 2009
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I've only been in Gilt for about 4 months and, like lots of others, have lost the occasional gem due to hesitation (or was it ever really available?). So when I saw a blazer in the recent Luigi Bianchi Mantova that I thought I liked, well, I jumped.

I'm someone who usually thinks about sizable purchases. And, yes, for me, $400 on a blazer is a sizable purchase (I'm forever ruined for "normal" shopping by B&S pricing). But, I reasoned, I'm at the point where I'm fairly confident about what I need and want, I know my sizing very well, and - well - I think I really like this blazer. 30 seconds later the deal is done and I opt for overnight delivery because, well, I really like this blazer.

Of course, it's Thursday afternoon and I missed the 1p cutoff for next-day-air so it doesn't ship until Friday. Unfortunately, by the following Tuesday it still hasn't shown up and tracking only shows "Billing Information Received." I contact Gilt, they refund my overnight charge and ship it the following day as an overnight, gratis (nice.)

I get the item and, by all accounts it's exactly as described and I'm pretty pleased with it. I'm not familiar with the manufacturer at all, but the quality seems to be comparable with my Corneliani items. But then, something jumps out at me:-it's a 3 button. I recall when I purchased it that it was described as a 2 button and the pic looked like a 2 button. I actually prefer a 3 button and almost didn't buy it because it was a 2. I had saved the link for the item and went back to it - sure enough it's described as a 2 and looks like a 2, but if you zoom in on the pic, you can just barely make out a button hole for the top button (with the button hidden under the lapel roll).

So, I now really like my purchase. And, I still feel like I got a reasonable deal on it - even though it's not fantastic B&S level pricing, it's about what I would pay when it showed up at my local Off Fifth or Last Call (if it ever did and if it ever did in my size).

I still hate having to rush into a purchase, especially since there is no refund option with Gilt, and was almost soured by the shipping (though they recovered as well as could be expected), but the inaccuracy concerns me - I mean, it worked out great for me, but I suspect there's others who are very ticked at it being a 3b when they thought they were purchasing a 2b.

Just passing along my experience...

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