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Fine, Wavy Hair... Need Style Advice!


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Nov 30, 2010
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Hello everyone!

This is my first post. Allow me to introduce myself. My name's Glen, I'm from the Midlands in England. I've always liked to maintain a fairly fresh look, unless I've been working a lot (in farming) which is when I get lazy with my image.

I'll post a few pictures of my usual 'going out to the shopping centre' look:

I often wear a flat cap, reversed, except when it's cold, when I tend to wear beanies. I also have a long, woolen, ex-marines greatcoat, which I changed the buttons on. It's very dark blue, termed as 'navy black' and comes down to just below the knee. (I don't have a picture of me wearing this, sorry!)

Basically, I'm wondering what to do with my hair. I know you can't see very much, but I rarely have photos taken of me. Basically, I think short hair suits me, like maybe a number 4 buzz cut, as in pic 4. However, I don't want to appear too aggressive. I want my hairstyle to compliment my dress sense and my personality. I'm a very easy going, kind, polite and gentlemanly guy. I never dress scruffy, even at work. I like neat t-shirts and nice casual shirts. I love to wear a suit and shiny shoes with my greatcoat, but only for special occasions.

I'm also very slight too, so I really don't want to come across as butch. I don't want to look like a dork or a weed either, just... Approachable!

Basically, I'm hoping to go on a date with a girl who's of extremely similar persona to me, and who's very intellectual, bright and bubbly... Like me, lol! I don't wear glasses, as I have perfect vision, except in artificial lighting, where it goes a little fuzzy sometimes. I've thought about getting some non-magnifying glasses, just for an anti-glare coating, for reading in artificial light. That might be a style tip I'll ask about at a later time.

I'm babbling aren't I? I'm sorry, lol!

Ok. First off, what to do with my hair? As I said, it's extremely fine and has a wave to it. It gets greasy in an hour or so, then, if it's long enough, the fringe clumps into a kind of rat tail, which I detest with a passion! Also, it curls around the ears and at the back, which I equally detest! I'm also receding quite a lot, which is alarming! I would go for some kind of side parting or something, but the parting would go so far back! If I have the sides long enough to pull across like Will South of Thirteen Senses, it goes curly! :mad: See this pic:

Also, this one:

Ideally, I could have a style like his, but my hair just doesn't go! Also, I absolutely hate the idea of spending an hour straightening it, only to have it curl later in the night, every time I go out.

Just a note: It's not there on either of those pics, but I keep a flava sava or whatever it's called, a little tuft of hair under my lip. This is a practical thing, as I have two bumps which are awkward to shave around and cut very easily, so I tend to leave that bit and style it a little to keep it neat. Sometimes I keep full facial stubble too, depending on what I'm up to and what look I'm going for.

Ideally, not too much product or messing about would be needed to maintain a decent style.

I'm sorry it's such a long one... I guess I've made a bit of an impact? I was just trying to give as much information as possible really. I do go on a bit though, sorry!

Thankyou very much for your patience in getting this far!

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