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Finding a suit that fits an athletic body is insane! Any thoughts on how this JCrew Crosby fits me?


Feb 5, 2018
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Ok, so I weight lift and have a 43" Chest and a 9 inch drop. I look alright in casual clothing and summertime is my best friend. But good luck trying to find a nice OTR suit that fits good enough to go and tailor. The whole process is driving me insane. It's probably due to my shoulder/arm size requiring a wider arm hole.

I first tried on a 42 Contemporary Neapolitan style 3/2 roll from Spier and Mckay - Nice suit but I might as well been wearing latex.

Spier and Mckay

I then tried on 3 different size suits from Suit Supply: 42,44 & 46 Napoli. - Still too tight up top.

Suit Supply Size 42
Suit Supply Size 44
Suit Supply Size 46

Not to be deterred, there was a 40% off sale at JCrew and I had read that the Crosby Suit was made for me. It was good enough for the rugby team so this should be right up my alley. Right? I am not a fan of the skinny lapel but if this suit fits up top, we may have a winner. But it still doesn't fit right or does it? Am I being too picky? Is the size 44 good enough to go and tailor the waist/sleeves etc... Does the button placement look weird?

Jcrew Size 42 Album
Jcrew Size 44 Album

I live in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. The nearest MTM shop is Indochino in Philly (3 Hours away) but I've heard mixed reviews on both the material and fit. I hear good things about black lapel but they are in NY and I am very hesitant about them getting my fit right. I've had 3 separate people (2 of them clothing tailors) and all 3 came up with different numbers ranging from 19.5" - 21" for my shoulders. How am supposed to work with that if I go MTM?

Thanks for listening to my rant. This is just getting pretty frustrating. I worked hard to be in shape and was always told that clothes would fit better on me as a result. Not worse.
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Mar 18, 2016
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The Jcrew 44 is the best of the bunch. The shoulders and back look good. Their is a little dimpling on the left shoulder, but not on the right. I doubt anything can be done about that. You appear to have large biceps and they fill the sleeve. Get the waist nipped a little and you should be good to go.

The claim that being "in shape" will make you look better in clothes is not entirely true. That is why male models are, like their female counterparts, tall and very thin. Clothes drape better on that type of physique. Short of a really well-done MTM or bespoke, you will have to make some compromises.

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