Filson Bag Thread: With Pictures

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by LawrenceMD, Aug 14, 2009.

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    OMG, I have noticed the phenomenon of people being really proud of an heirloom accessory before (e.g. watch, briefcase, etc). I think it happens most notably when the product has current market value AND affiliative value.

    I think you would agree, for example, if his father had carried around his stuff in a beat-up old Tumi nylon briefcase or even an old canvas Lands End Square Rigger briefcase, he probably wouldn't have had a story to post as there is little interest in these items today. Or alternatively, if his father had bought the Filson bag but used it twice and then stored it in the attic for the last 25 years, it certainly would be a lucky find but again, probably no story.

    I think men buy nicer stuff for themselves these days than previous generations of men did so I think there will be a lot more nice stuff being passed down in the future. I think the irony is that many of these men will also not have used these items very much (they moved on to the next briefcase or bag or watch as fashion cycles change) so the affiliative value to the next generation is far less than say your great-grandfather's Hamilton pocket watch which he wore every day of his adult life.

    I was laughing to myself thinking of how a similar story about my father's early 80s hard plastic Samsonite attache would read. Is it possible that all these rustic Americana bags from Filson, Vermilyea Pelle, Tanner Goods, Makr, JW Hulme, Billykirk, Go Forth, Wiil&Faulk, Gustin etc etc will seem like those Samsonites of old? Lol.

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