Filson Bag Thread: With Pictures

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by LawrenceMD, Aug 14, 2009.

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    May 15, 2015
    Speaking of the weight issue, my wife has a 20 inch spinner which you can basically push along with a pinky. She finds it amusing that I am lugging this big canvas and leather bag on my shoulder. And I said I am equally amused when her bag is gate checked or when she struggled with stairs or when her regulation sized bag doesn't fit in the overheads of smaller jets. She just rolls her eyes at my rationalizing: she knows I carry the Filson (for airport travel) because I love the way it looks and feels.

    Carrying one of the larger Filson bags like a Pullman or medium duffle does take a lot more strength than pushing a spinner. But if you have the strength, no biomechanical issues and like the style - I say why not? As someone wrote on this thread a while back: men are designed to carry heavy things.

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    It really depends on what kind of travel do you normally do for business. If it's international flights then the last thing I want to do after a >20 hours flight is to carry fully loaded #257 and Med Duffel on both of my shoulders while enduring a 1 hour + wait at the customs (this happened to me in SF just couple months back and I was only lugging a 3/4 filled #258 and was feeling miserable while literally dragging it across the floor at the airport, your waiting time at the customs might differ haha...)

    If it's mainly inter-state travels where flight times are short and you don't have to mess around with customs then go crazy with the hand carries :)

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    Jan 3, 2015

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    Jul 15, 2009
    I've had a 258 for about eight years now, and while it's pretty oversized now for my purposes (which have changed over the years), I love it and it's aged well. Earlier this week I decided to pick up a 256 and was interested to see how the quality of Filson goods has held up, given all of the talk on this thread of declining quality. The 256 arrived today and it's nice and the right size for my current use, but it does in fact seem like there are just a couple of minor areas in which the quality has suffered.
    • The flap over the top seems to be lacking the rigidness that my old 258 had when it was new, and even still has now eight years on. I don't know if Filson took out a liner or they don't wax the twill as much as they used to, but the 256's flap is noticeably less rigid.
    • The leather zipper pulls are...weird. They don't really match the rest of the leather on the bag and are definitely something other than the leather pulls on my old 258. The new ones look like a smoky, dull brown/grey and have a strange feel to them: smooth (too smooth) and almost plastic-y.
    • Not a fan of the Filson-labeled zippers, but that's minor.
    • The new label with "Since 1897" in the diamond is a nice look and definitely an improvement over the previous "Made at Filson" label, but lacks the charm of the original "Might as Well Have the Best" label.
    What hasn't changed is the solid, robust, over-built feel of the bag. And while I know some have had bad experiences with the leather in recent years, the leather on this bag (minus the zipper pulls) looks just like the good stuff that's on my eight year-old 258.

    For what it's worth, the manufacture date on this 256 is 4/17. Looking forward to using it for a long, long time.

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