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Fashion traveler: Best web sites to explore Any city's offerings not only in fashion but art, design


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Apr 9, 2013
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Full title if it does not show: Fashion traveler: Best web sites to explore Any city's offerings not only in fashion but art, design, clubs and off the beaten path also?

Obviously style might be a major one on this forum but obviously interested in art, design, clubs and current events as well.

I need something like more advanced than SuFu because let's dissect its business model: it offers paid (updated) PDF files for only a selected few cities and their online maps are useless and hardly up to date for other than their few main PDFed cities. Compare that to InYourPocket.com which offers completely free (updated) PDFs for a wide range of European cities (mostly Eastern European). Though the focus is less on style and other eccentricities and more on cheap accommodation and mainstream attractions.

So I hope someone somewhere is already working on how to apply the power of social media to an online free updated city travel guide (read: better business model). Do you know of such initiatives? The first rule of business is someone somewhere is already working on it.

Obviously I have no idea if I should post this in Classic Menswear or Streetwear and Denim.
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LA Guy

Opposite Santa
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Mar 8, 2002
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We sorta started doing this:


And actually have entries to go along with each of those, that we initially will do in HTML, but would like to do as pdfs. Of course, it's a PITA, and a resource eater as well. And of course, unlike Superfuture, there would be ads, since we can't really commit resources to it otherwise.

I think that I've seen some sites do this, but obviously, they are not going to have as many resources as something like inyourpocket, since, let's face it, this is a smaller, niche market. Hard to get deep pocket advertisers like airlines to commit to something that really serves a specialized market (i.e. men interested in high end fashion that also have a tone of cash,) when that demographic already has access to resources like AMEX concierge.

tripadvisor and similar sites are probably as close as you are going to get.
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Apr 9, 2013
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Thank you for your input!

Meanwhile I have just found this related site: http://www.hipshops.com/ - though it does cover only a niche in the niche - a few offerings per city. Demographics: men and women. And who said style have to be necessarily expensive too? Yeah, it can be but it is not necessarily a must.

TripAdvisor is strong on restaurant reviews, yes maybe as close you can get to the local knowledge. But the same demographics who enjoys TripAdvisor's restaurant reviews have a high correlation to those who might enjoy shopping and clubs as well. Or I might be mistaken. Though, I have no idea why TripAdvisor is particularly strong in restaurants but weak on clubs and shopping. Yeah, the latter two might be a little more special markets.

Let's hack the system! How the AMEX concierge have the resources for all the local data? Let's find out - just ask them. They use Google on one hand and on the other hand?

To have the exact same database they have someone with the card just have to call and ask them. Maybe cover one city one day. Copy paste. OK, maybe there is a smarter way to do this.

OFF: I am also interested in a pay-per-use concierge who if could not fulfill the particular request and add value just tells me honestly he rather does not take my money for this particular request. (I can use Google too. There are also many smaller startups in this space - with who knows what quality of service.)

Edit: there is also the Airbnb concierge. Free if you book accommodation with them.
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