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Fall Pants Rankings


Senior Member
Nov 17, 2006
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Greetings. Always a pleasure to post breaking pants news in the SF every so often. This is a bit in our ongoing PANTS AWARENESS MONTH public service campaign. Your feedback and pant-wearing will help us reach the goal of making ours a 100% pants compliant country by Dec. 1.

1. Last Supperounds:

Coveted by thousands and worshipped by a billion more -- but only one pair exists! Owned by an eBay bidder from Seattle who shelled out over $600 for them, these one-of-a-kind wonders have but one weakness: whiteness. Not good when it comes to stains -- just ask the Shroud of Turin!

2. Discoballrounds:

With only three pair in the wild (and one stored in a cryogenic chamber 20 floors beneath the Pentagon), each of these space -age hot pants can survive reentry into the earth's atmosphere, thanks to 868 reflective panels. Cordarounds' global hunt to find more of this ultra-shiny fabric continues. The latest lead: a plant in Korea will make us a minimum of 400 yards of the stuff, which means we'd have to make 200 pair. Seems risky. Are you in? Take a look at the three lucky Discoballrounds owners here.

3. Cordarounds

Since 2005, these pants have been sold with "a certain optimism sewn into each pair," ensuring that they'll draft off Obamamania this holiday season. Cordarounds have nearly replaced blue jeans as the trouser of the counterculture -- not in sales volume, of course, but because of their Zetigeisty theme song.

4. Jeans

With a universal popularity owing entirely to David Bowie's "Blue Jean" and the diabolical machinations of the ghost of Levi Strauss, these trusty trousers can be worn for more days in a row than even our Bike to Work pants. They have also nudged ahead of our new khaki trousers in YTD sales by a trillion- to-one margin.

5. Bike to Work Pants:

Our new trousers that pack a potent sneak attack. To everyone else, they're common khakis. To you, they're inwardly brilliant.

The bike world has gone bonkers over these action/inaction trousers, and the blogging won't cease. See for yourself by spying these Google search results.

6. Barrel

Voguish in the late '20s and early '30s, particularly in Dust Bowl states and hobo camps, now returning as an unfortunate retro fashion craze.

7. Leather Chaps:

Once relegated to the ranks of rough-and-tumble leathermen, chaps are now being snatched up by everymen everywhere as the economic apocalypse brings out the marauding high-desert psychopath in us all.

8. Suckerlab Seersucker

Enjoyed by a precious few visionaries who invested in barrels and leather chaps and are now enjoying lengthy vacations in the Caribbean and other fair weather climes. For the seersucker-loving, but economically-challenged among you, the last of this summer's suckerlab pants can be found for cheap in our sale tab.

9. No Pants

The perennial champ from 3 billion B.C. to roughly 1,145 B.C. While the no-pants look has enjoyed a healthy resurgence this summer, we at Cordarounds are working to reverse the disturbing trend through our grassroots Pants Awareness Month campaign.

10. Cod-Arounds

Ill-fitting and odoriferous, yet surprisingly popular in Oregon.

This public service announcement was brought to you by Cordarounds.com.


Distinguished Member
May 19, 2008
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Do you think the codarounds would work in salmon?


Senior Member
Nov 17, 2006
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Interesting question. While we've worked with many atlantic breeds of seafood - cod, swordfish, and Maine lobster -- we haven't made pants out of Pacific beasts of the deep. Ironic, considering that all our manufacturing is done in San Francisco. While Salmonrounds isn't as catchy as Cod-arouds, perhaps we could try Kohorounds.

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