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Fake or Real (Authentic, Genuine, etc.) -- Official Authentication Thread


Jun 12, 2017
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May I know what you typed in the search bar?
It looks authentic to me. It looks like a non-American sizing system (e.g. Europe or Asia), the Kanji characters after the "100% cotton" seem to support this. Also a casual Google search brings up this https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/hugall/item/a7742001/ . My guess is that it is an Asian market piece and that 170 is for cm probably.

Ralph Lauren has made a lot of product for a lot of different markets, so there is some variation. Taking a look at the care label can usually tell you what market the item was originally made for. And on American stuff, check for a Supplier Number somewhere on the garment.


New Member
Sep 28, 2018
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I am asking you for help.
I bought a dsquared shirt. I suspect it's a fake.
In my opinion, the numbers should have a thicker font.
Your opinion is very important to me.
Thank you !

IMG_1626.jpg IMG_1627.jpg IMG_1628.jpg IMG_1629.jpg IMG_1622.jpg


New Member
Oct 2, 2018
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I recently ordered a Gucci polo on Ebay for $100, I'm very aware that plenty of fakes are out there bought the seller offered 30 return shipping and ebay has a 30 day money back guarantee for fake products so I though "What the heck, maybe I'll end up getting a real Gucci shirt for $100". The seller has 100% positive feedback out of 150 reviews, he was nice in answering my questions on if the pictures in listing we taken by him or stock photos, he claimed they were authentic, and the price of $100 wasn't as ridiculous as some of the $20 -$30 shirts Gucci shirts that are obvious fakes. I feel its probably important to note that the seller is from Bulgaria and the shirt was shipped from bulgaria. This was also his only item but he had about 7 shirts for sale which I didn't think was too suspicious at the time but now he has re-listed the item and it says there are more than 10 available which makes it seem to me that he could be pumping these potential fakes out. So i figured either its flat out fake which is likely or maybe the shirt is infact real and maybe he got an employee discount and is now re-selling the shirts or maybe I'm buying real Gucci that has been stolen by some sort of sinister Bulgarian Gucci cartel.

Anyway, the shirt arrived, and i have thoroughly inspected it and although I have never seen a real gucci shirt in my life, I attempted to determine the authenticity myself but obviously, im in need of help now. In terms or material, I have no idea what Gucci shirt feels like so IDK but this shirt definitely felt different than my other cotton shirt but i don't know if that's in a good way or a bad way. He's what my inspection found.

Clues that its real
*Came in Gucci bag and very authentic looking packaging
*All stitching looks professional and not sloppy like other fakes ive seen online
*No misspelling of Gucci anywhere on the product
*Font seems consistent on tags
*Red stitching in corners of Gucci tag
*Other attached Gucci tag with serial number and product information
*Lines seemed straight up and down on Gucci neck logo
*Overall, the product seems to be of good quality

Clues that its fake
*Despite all stitching looking professional, the red stitching on the Gucci tag looked rather sloppy and on the top right corner it looks mis-placed

This confused my as I dont see why a fake would have all sorts of professional looking stitching than mess up some simple red stitching. My next thought was maybe that the polos the seller was selling have manufacturing defects and maybe thats why he got them so cheap. He could have been a Gucci employee who got them for next to nothing because they were mess ups but I think I'm just trying to think way too optimistically. The next clue however, is what really makes me thing its fake now. The tag on the inside of the Gucci shirt is made of some kind of paper and not satin or cotton like I've heard its suppose to be. The tag is also short and stubby instead of slim and long.

Unfortunately, I think it is after all just a fake but I need a second opinion. And that leaves me with a couple other thoughts. For one, should I call out the seller on it being a fake (if it is) or do I just request a return from either the seller or Ebay. And should I really even return it in the first place because if its fake its one hell of a good copy and I like the the look of the shirt even if it is only a fake. But in that case is it really worth having a Gucci shirt if it really isnt Gucci at all? And for $100? Anyway, I'll leave a myriad of pictures for you guys to review. And I thank you in advance for your comments and for reading my long post. ;)






















Sep 19, 2018
Reaction score
I recently purchased this Kiton Napoli tie from a thrift store and have been trying to verify its authenticity. The Kiton label and material tag look right to me, and it is made in Italy. The other label is what concerns me. I can't seem to find another instance of Peter Elliot and Kiton being on the same tie.


Distinguished Member
Jan 10, 2016
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I wouldn't worry about the "Peter Elliot" tag being on the tie. Peter Elliot is a well known NY chain of luxury fashion stores, so that seems to check out. It would be the other tags/details that I would focus on. For what it's worth, seems legit to me.

Spruce Moose

Distinguished Member
Jan 13, 2013
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I recently purchased this Kiton Napoli tie from a thrift store and have been trying to verify its authenticity. The Kiton label and material tag look right to me, and it is made in Italy. The other label is what concerns me. I can't seem to find another instance of Peter Elliot and Kiton being on the same tie. View attachment 1051306 View attachment 1051307 View attachment 1051308
Peter Elliot is the store it was sold at.. quite common to see this from retailers


Sep 19, 2018
Reaction score
I recently came across this Brioni leather belt. It seems to be of high quality, but I'm very wary of picking up fakes. There are two things that kind of stand out to me:
1. I don't see any other Brioni belts with "Roma" actually on the belt anywhere
2. Every other Brioni belt I've seen has the size clearly marked at the tip of the belt. This one doesn't.

On the plus side, it does have the name on the buckle as it should. Also, I'm not incredibly knowledgeable about Brioni, so I'm probably making up for it with paranoia and nitpicking. What do you guys think? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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