Experiences With Prep Schools - Part 3

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    Gents - greetings.
    In my two previous posts I described the experiences my family had in selecting, visiting, and applying to several East Coast prep schools. As usual, I Iearned a ton from SF community members and met some wonderful new email pals. Thanks!

    A few of you had asked me to let you know how it played out. So here's my report:

    ST GEORGE'S(Newport) -WAIT LISTED.Really a beautiful school with good academics.I was somewhat surprised that she wasn't admitted right away, but that's the way it goes.

    CHOATE (Connecticut) - ACCEPTED. It appeared to me that this school was way ahead in terms of student accomodation in the admission process, electronic contact, and just general organization in the way they ran things. They said that notification would begin on 10 MAR at 3:00pm EST - and they did it to the minute.

    DEERFIELD (Massachusetts) - NO DECISION YET. They told us several times that we would be getting emails about acceptance/denial of admission but nothing. Has a wonderful reputation but I was disappointed how they have handled this crucial part of the process.

    Plan B - Cathedral Catholic High School in San Diego - Accepted (I know, not a prep school).
    I wanted to have a back up plan for my daughter just in case. I can always get a job in San Diego.


    -Apply to a good number of schools. In retrospect, three was probably too few.
    -Understand that there is a different acceptance rate for boarders v. day students. They
    can only take so many of each. Your kid's application goes into one of two piles (according to one Admissions counselor).
    -Some schools participate in a central application service. Kind of an application clearing house. Even after filling out this 'central application', some of the schools still wanted additional questions answered, etc. This was not always communicated to us and we ended up scrambling at the end.
    -Let the kid pick the school. The best we can do is to take them around, so them the different options. Do everything you can to avoid a bad fit.

    Any comments much appreciated.

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