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Epaulet shop - Official Affiliate thread

Discussion in 'Streetwear and Denim' started by LA Guy, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. jpc9

    jpc9 Senior member

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    Oct 8, 2011
    Bay Area

    Thanks, but I need a 29 or 30.

  2. stevent

    stevent Senior member

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    Feb 16, 2010

  3. wj4

    wj4 Senior member

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    Aug 8, 2010

    The best bet is to have someone else measure it for you. The measurement will be different, around an inch or so. You can stand upright and look straight, which is your normal posture when someone else is measuring. By measuring your own chest, you have to squeeze your pits together to hold onto the measuring tape and look down to gauge the size.

    I came home to the pants today. RE: the Harris Tweed trousers....HOLY MOLY. These pants are THICK. I have wool and tweed pants, but none of them are this thick. They are lined all the way down to the leg openings too.

    Man, I don't even want to know how much the tailor will charge me this month :(

  4. althanis

    althanis Senior member

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    Sep 8, 2010

    Yeah, I've decided not to proxy.

    Good luck getting that money back though. I ordered a Canada Goose coat that was on sale in Texas, and when it got here they charged duty on it, making it almost the same price as it is here. I mailed in a bunch of documentation over a month ago and haven't heard back anything about it from them.

  5. Epaulet

    Epaulet Affiliate Vendor Affiliate Vendor

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    Feb 11, 2008
    New York City / Los Angeles
    Hey guys!

    Thanks again for all of the orders, and we can't wait to hear what you think of the new gear. Our USPS and UPS guys are in for a harsh freaking surprise tomorrow morning, let me tell you. There's 'nuff boxes going out. Thanks so much!

    Safe to say that the Regiment Twill Walt collection is a hit! We're a little busted up in sizes, but I'm getting more fabric and doing a new cutting ASAP. You can expect a full restock of Khaki, Gunmetal, Navy, and Moss. And we'll add in Black and a few new colors as well.

    Our first shorts are coming next week. They're in an awesome medium blue linen. There's one or two other Walt surprises in there too.

    For Rudy dudes, we'll open up most of the trousers for special order next week, with delivery planned at the end of April. We've got lots of fabric, so you can choose from almost the full Spring collection.

    An absolutely gonzo amount of Rivet Chinos are also in-work. We should have them in around three weeks. This includes the new oxford cloth styles, the lightweight duck canvas, the "return of digicamo," and a restock of some all-time favorites - especially gunmetal.

    We've got some new gear from Gitman Brothers going online this week. Four new Ashland by Epaulet shirt styles and two new Gitman Vintage styles.

    And our Italian Sportcoats and Spring Carmina deliveries should be leaving Europe pretty soon. I expect to have both in-house within the next two weeks. Southwick for Michael Kuhle jackets should arrive around the same time.

    Thank you sir! You know, they are a little bit softer this time. It's definitely the same fabric, but the exact hand will differ from one dye lot to the next. After a wash or two, these fabrics always feel the same.

    Wow, that looks freaking great! Thanks for picking them up brah!

    I think that a Small will fit you really well. It's going to be a bit large in the collar for a tie, but if you can wear it with the collar open, then you should be good with the small.

    Haha, thanks! I don't know why the hell it took me so long to make a black chino. That should have been obvious. We're selling it like crazy, and I've got it on reorder already. We're going to make that a stock item.

    OCBD's too. I can't tell you why I didn't really order them until this year, but trust you me, we'll work to keep the Blue & White OCBD's in stock indefinitely.

    Yup, I'm going to do another model in the Simpson last for Fall. I'm thinking Color #8 Shell with a brown sole and a medallion on the toe (instead of a captoe).

    Thanks, it was great seeing you this weekend!

    Don't forget, you definitely need to have a drink with the Epaulet crew when you're here. Pencil us in!

    To be safe, I'd budget for 8 weeks on the Tuxedo. If we get rolling in April, you'll have plenty of time. I wish that we could offer a shawl collar, but our pattern is only set for Peak and Notch at this time. Drop me a line whenever you're ready.

    Hey it was great meeting you guys and thanks for coming in! Sorry that it was a little buckwild in there with Chinomageddon in full swing. Hope that the rest of your NYC trip went well.

    I have a restock coming, but we don't have any 28's on there. But we can certainly get you a pair via special order. Drop Matt a PM at leftofthedial and he can work it out for you.

    Yup, we will restock plum. I'd definitely hold out for a 31, esp if they feel slim in the legs.

    Matt's right on with the Navy gingham rec. As long as your patterned shirt has a white or cream-ish ground, it will work well with these.

    Yup, we should get both a snuff plaintoe and a snuff shortwing, both on the Leydon last flex-welt sole.

    These look great on you! Thanks for picking them up and enjoy that Irish linen, it's phenomenal fabric.

    I don't think that a lower rise would necessarily be wrong for your body type, it just depends on your preference. It's going to be more aggressive of a fit, and you'll most likely have a hard time tucking in a shirt, but that just makes it different.

    If you're in the market for more trousers, check out our Regiment twill models. At $150, I think that they're a really great value, and the fit is definitely going to work for you.

    Thanks for picking them up. The seam tape didn't really shrink, it's just the first time that it hit water. The Rivet Chinos are a bit like jeans in the way that they come out after the initial wash. I totally understand that it's a crazy impression! You can certainly iron or steam them out, but you can also wear just them a bit and the wrinkles and puckering will come out. I've seen hundreds of beautifully worn Rivet Chinos and yours will look great too. Enjoy them!

    We've shipped thousands of International orders in the past few years and the only rule of International customs is that there are no definite rules. Every country's customs office seems to be inconsistent - some more so than others.

    Our Canadian customers typically receive their parcels with either no taxes or pretty reasonable taxes. So much of it depends on your local customs office and on the actual person that does the clearance. But I haven't heard of anyone having to pay really onerous taxes on clothing or footwear that we ship. And since we use USPS, there's no additional brokerage charge and your parcel is delivered through Canada Post.

    It's pretty similar here in the States. Around one out of every five orders I purchase from abroad is taxed, and it seems pretty random.

    In order to save on shipping charges, we do have a lot of International customers who choose to consolidate their orders. Our shipping rate is flat, so if you plan to order a few things in a month, you can have us hold the first order and add any additional purchases into that same box. You'd only be charged that $20 shipping fee once, no matter how much you order.

  6. Caveat

    Caveat Senior member

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    Jan 31, 2009
    Pic of me in my clay rivet chinos.

  7. runningfrog

    runningfrog Senior member

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Bay Area

    out to lunch w/ my new ride :)

    epaulet koi print shirt
    epaulet khaki canvas rivet chinos
    epaulet western print belt
    epaulet #8 brixton boots (not shown)

  8. halberdklown

    halberdklown Senior member

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    Feb 12, 2008
    Los Angeles

    since I have a thing for #8 shell with brown soles and cap toe, let me know if it would be possible to order a pair with the captoe instead! (also can't wait for the Alden version of this to be possible!)

  9. NewYorkIslander

    NewYorkIslander Affiliate Vendor

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    Mar 22, 2008
    Breuckelen, NY 11209

    I have a massive ass. It was way too tight in the seat for me...if you have a lat ass, you should be fine in a 32 if you wore a 32 in the old cut.

    Mike, do I see an Alden x Audi collab coming? :D

    Blood in the water, let the sharks feast!

  10. Beatlegeuse

    Beatlegeuse Senior member

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    Oct 20, 2010
    Tampa, FL

    Exactly...I'm already salivating over the lightweight duck canvas. My caramel ducks have become my favorite pants already, but I know they're going to be too hot once summer hits, so I'm going to buy out everything I can in these lighter weight versions. I know the french blues will probably sell out quickly again....any way I can reserve my pair now??

    Also I asked this a few days ago but I think it got lost in the Chinomageddon - someone in the Alden thread posted a pic of some navy suede chukkas and said they were Alden x Epaulet from 2010....any chance there would ever be a restock of these? I'd love to jump on a pre-order for that!

  11. MacktasticGDogg

    MacktasticGDogg Senior member

    Likes Received:
    Apr 15, 2011

    Thanks for the feedback man. I actually have no ass, so I guess I should be OK with the 32 then. LOL!

  12. FrankCowperwood

    FrankCowperwood Senior member

    Likes Received:
    May 23, 2011
    The Second City
    Linen shorts sound great. Going to try to keep my eye out for the plum restock. Want to try a pair of the chinos and they might as well be purple.

    Will the Alden suede shortwing be a blucher or a blamoral? I think I may need some snuff suede in my life and I really like the single leather sole from Alden. That combination spells COMFORT.

    And while fixating on shoes, the Carmina monk in #8 sounds very tempting. I'm thinking about whether to replace my sadly-too-small Salingers (make me an offer by the way) with another larger pair, though maybe I need to see what these #8s end up looking like. I do like the shape of the Inca last.

  13. edubs01

    edubs01 Senior member

    Likes Received:
    Apr 14, 2009
    Just grabbed the Brick Twill Walts.

  14. kgmessier

    kgmessier Senior member

    Likes Received:
    Mar 27, 2010
    Boston, MA
    I dropped off my Blaze Twill Walts with my tailor this morning: 2" cuffs and suspender buttons. Should have some FIYAH! pics for y'all at the end of the week.

    She mentioned to me that, because of the fabric's stiffness, it may be difficult for her to press out the factory crease at the bottom when building the cuffs, but we'll see. She's done well with that sort of thing in the past.

    BTW, the pictures of this fabric on the website represent the true color very well. I'm glad of that, since these have truly blazing color. [​IMG]
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2012

  15. iluvatar

    iluvatar Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    Sep 2, 2010
    Bloomington, IN
    Mike, any word on when the re-stock of the Sewn by Hand line is coming in? I'm looking forward to some natural CXL goodness!

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