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Epaulet shop - Official Affiliate thread

Discussion in 'Streetwear and Denim' started by LA Guy, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Mr. Six

    Mr. Six Senior member

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Hey, Mike. One suggest would be to make the Ultimate Office Jean. I think you know what I mean. Denim for a casual office or work event that you can wear with derbies/boots/sneaks a button-up/polo/sweater, and even a sport coat. It's the jean you wear when you have to be casual but still look professional (at least, that's a thing in California, for those of you who've never experienced it.) Just the right shade of indigo (or white for summer). Slim but not so skinny or tapered that they won't work with a sport coat. Ralph, Levis, and other make this, I know. But I have no interest in shopping those brands to find one I like. Just make the perfect version of that. Just about every guy on here needs that.
  2. Thefenceposts

    Thefenceposts Well-Known Member

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    Feb 24, 2014
    @Epaulet still love the idea of a 5 pocket pant in some of the more heavy-duty rivet fabrics. Duck, cord, etc. Feel like it fits the level of formality where you all have found your sweet spot.

    On a separate note - I came to the NY trunk show and got fitted for a dinner jacket, but never got my measurements. Could you send them via DM?
  3. Poomba

    Poomba Senior member

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    Jun 10, 2008
    Does anyone know when the suede footwear pre-orders are arriving?
  4. Epaulet

    Epaulet Affiliate Vendor Affiliate Vendor

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    Feb 11, 2008
    New York City / Los Angeles
    Good suggestion @Mr. Six and I totally agree with that. In some ways, that's what the Wilshire was. I really think that the cut was ideal.. and I'm biased here.. but I thought it was the best fitting jean on the market.

    We worked with good denim and priced it at $150, but it was just hard to hit a critical mass of appeal. Most of our customers liked the artisanal nature of Japanese jeans, or the vastly larger fabric offering by Gustin, or just getting something inexpensive at Uniqlo. I found it hard to get many new customers into our jeans, and you can't really effectively make jeans in small quantities.

    In terms of denim and make, our jeans were on par with products like 3Sixteen or Rogue Territory, but cheaper due to the direct sales model. That's just not enough in the denim world. Branding it a real thing there, and many guys would rather get a jean from a jeans brand. It's just the nature of the biz.

    Price is hard to compete on because I could never be as cheap as Levis or Uniqlo, no matter what we do.

    Which is leading me to believe that we can create a five pocket concept and be competitive on a "non-jean" jean. Whether its dyeing denim or using things like duck canvas with interesting wash effects. And to your point.. making a 5-pocket pant that plays well with biz-caz attire. It's especially relevant if you consider a West Coast or a tech biz-caz look can sub the Doyle for a Sportcoat and Tennis Trainers for shoes. The new Wilshire would have to play well with our other pieces and offer some kind of distinct selling proposal that sets it apart from other 5-pocket products.

    @Thefenceposts love this idea! And we'll certainly do a run of Corduroy Chinos in both Rivet and Sandow for the Fall, I have an awesome new source for it that's really well priced.

    My bad on the dinner jacket.. I actually drafted that email and neglected to send it. Coming your way!

    Should be finishing up in Portugal within the next four weeks @Poomba

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