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EPAULET Shirt Sale - mediums **DROPS**

Discussion in '2011-2017 Streetwear' started by Dbear, Apr 26, 2014.

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  1. Dbear

    Dbear Senior member

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    Jan 26, 2011
    San Francisco, CA
    Hello everyone, I have 5 Epaulet Shirts for sale, all medium, priced to sell. Please see descriptions. Shipping is $5 per shirt or free if you buy more than 1. Also, for every extra shirt you buy, knock off $5. Paypal only. US shipping only. Check out my references.

    Grey sunwashed chambray - Medium - $59
    Worn twice, washed once. This is a really nice chambray is "go with everything" color.

    Navy chambray - Medium - $69
    Worn once, washed once. Another really nice chambray is a solid color. Would wear more but I have a million shirts. It looks wrinkled in the picture, but it just needs an iron job.

    Doublefaced striped paisley - Medium - $19
    Unworn, washed once. I usually wash all my shirts before wearing them. Never got around to wearing this one though. Nothing absolutely wrong with it. This one is especially priced to sell guys!

    White oxford point collar - Medium - $40
    Worn several times, washed several times. This is in excellent condition, except for the fact that it's been washed lightly, so the wear on the collar isn't great and it's priced accordingly. Still a solid shirt for a steal priced.

    Blue oxford buttondown collar - Medium - $65
    Unworn, washed once. This one is an MTO (made to order). It was made with 1" off the length and sleeves (it's basically a medium short). It ended up being too short for me and I just bought a regular medium and wear that all the time. But I'm sure someone out there would like a short version. It looks really wrinkly, just because I kept it in a drawer this whole time. It just needs and iron and it'll be ready to go. Unworn.

    Remember, if you buy 2, knock off $5, buy 3, knock off $10 total, etc.

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