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    Across the Pond

    Armoury, the well-known StyleForum run menswear shop in Hong Kong, is now opening a location in TriBeCa, New York City. How excited are you? Is the prospect of Ambrosi frequently sharing real estate with spurned customer mafoofan as exciting for you as it is for me?

    Saphir and More

    Is there any point in owning nice shoes if you treat them like shit? This is a thread to help you take care of your shoes in a manner befitting your clearly inflated (and ridiculous to most) pricetags. Take a look, learn a little.

    S.E.H. Kelly

    S.E.H. Kelly (what a name) is probably the coolest unknown brand on StyleForum. They make gorgeous, stunning British-theme products out of traditional British materials. Seriously amazing.

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    Very interesting items indeed. As a series of concepts, I like them a lot. Not for me personally - I'm too middle-of-the-road for their jackets & shirts, though their trousers & some outerwear are more my cup of tea - but certainly they're a fresh take on some old ideas. Intriguing, and good luck to them!

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