End Clothing--terrible, almost unbelievable experience; curious what others think

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Danl, Dec 12, 2013.

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    I have just had the worst experience I have ever had with a retailer, almost defies belief in my opinion. Having been looking at Cabourn Wide Lapel jackets on its web site for some time, I saw a new color appear last week, what appeared to be a one-off at a significantly lower price than the colors that had been on the site for some time. I purchased the jacket, received confirmation, and shortly thereafter received notice of FedEx tracking and shipping info. While thrilled at getting what seemed to be a stray Cabourn piece at a terrific price, the jacket was not quite my size. In perusing the site, I noticed that the same jacket suddenly appeared in other sizes--now at the "normal" price. Baffled, I asked the End team about it, and they confirmed that I got a "one time opportunity" to purchase the jacket at that price and that no exchanges would be considered. They also noted that the price I paid was due to a technical error. Ok, I reasoned, but when I purchased the jacket I assumed it was from a different season, second quality, etc., etc. My money was apparently good enough for End to take and process the order.

    So here is the almost unbelievable part. I tracked the package via FedEx, and noticed that it arrived in California ONLY TO HAVE BEEN SUMMONED BACK BY END. They actually had the temerity to take the package back. I frankly was surprised that Fedex vests ownership with the shipper--I am not sure this is global policy, as it seems once a package is shipped, ownership rights should vest with the receiver.

    End refunded my Paypal account, and I was informed that they would tender a 20% discount if I wished to purchase the jacket, approximately 100% more than what I had paid.

    My sense is that End had an ethical (and perhaps legal) right to honor the transaction. I believe this is an extremely underhanded way to do business. For several hundred dollars, End has created an extraordinary amount of ill will with at least one customer--I don't hesitate to say that had it been honorable, I would have been a loyal customer for a long time--and in my view has done itself an extreme disservice.

    I am curious what others think of this episode.

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