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EBAY: Outlier Workwear pants, tan, size 31

Discussion in '2011-2017 Streetwear' started by dkatz, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. dkatz

    dkatz Senior member

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    Mar 1, 2007
    On ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251284420334

    Outlier Workwear pants. Tan color, size 31. Outlier's original pant style. Originally $188, and long since sold out.

    These have been worn, but Outlier makes their garments to be indestructible, and these show almost no wear. The only signs of wear are the screenprinted text on the inside of the pocket bag, and a bit of color rubbed off rom my Brooks saddle (not visible at all when worn). I've included pictures of both. These things have a long life ahead of them still. I'll be looking to pick up a new pair in a smaler size once I've sold these.

    waist 32"
    rise 9"
    Inseam 31"
    leg opening 8"


    The original description from Outlier's website:

    A pair of pants stripped down to it's most minimal form and rebuilt for pure function in a 21st century city. Hardwearing, comfortable, tough and honest. The Outlier Workwear cut.

    Before we started Outlier we would blowout our jeans every few months, they just weren't made for how we ride our bikes. The Outlier Workwear pants are our attempt to make something better than jeans, an anti-jean if you will. We don't use denim, we aren't too concerned about fashion and we make no attempt at "authenticity." When Levi-Strauss invented the jean, we don't think he copied centuries old pants and fabric. Rather he tried to make the best pants he could with the technology of his day, which is exactly what we did.

    We didn't study some long dead miner's trousers and then carefully distress the garment to match. We didn't track down some antique loom and use it to make our fabric exactly the way it was back then. You don't need to wear our pants for six months to break them in just right. There is nothing "authentic" about these pants at all, they're just a simple and strong garment you can live in day in and day out.

    We started with the fabric, we wanted something that was both more durable than denim yet also more comfortable. We found it in the Outlier Doubleweave Canvas, a fabric that can take a serious beating yet feels great against the skin. The outer weave is a tough Cordora[​IMG] canvas, the inside a soft brushed back. It's highly water resistant, quick drying and breathes incredibly well so you get none of that clammy constriction of wet denim. The self-cleaning lotus treatment keeps you looking crisp and smelling great. A curved waistband and gusseted crotch ensure full freedom of movement, just throw them on and start your day, let's go.

    Wear these 360 days a year like you would your jeans. Day in and day they will hold up strong and resist odor build up unlike your denim. Fit wise, these will break quickly, 24-36hrs should do the trick, and they should be damn comfortable from the first minute anyway. The cut is medium and true to size, you should be able to buy whatever size you generally go for. If you are in between sizes or unsure, pick the larger size as this fabric is tough and a bit less forgiving than our stretchy 4Season cloth. As always made in New York City for quality and style.

    A note on waist sizes: If you usually buy size 30 pants, you probably are a size 30 in our sizing. You'll notice that the waist band actually measures 2 inches more than the named size. This is an industry standard, most pants sold as size 30 waist actually have a waistband that measures 32" and sometimes it'll even measure as much as 34". There are a few reasons for this. For one, no one actually wears pants at their actual waist anymore, so if you measure 30" at your real waist you will likely measure around 32" where you wear your pants. But it's also a vanity thing, as men in the US got bigger clothes started getting bigger, Mediums are bigger than they used to be and so are size 30s. We tried fighting it for a second but it was too confusing, so we rolled with the standard, but we also felt the need to be honest on our sizing, so there it is above.

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