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Earrings into Cufflinks


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Oct 24, 2004
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My wife having died, I find myself having inherited a number of really nice post-type earrings, all of which have sentimental value and many of which are sterling/semi-precious stones (malachite/amber/thompsonite, etc.) and roughly the general dimension of standard cufflinks. I'd like to keep these and - having ruled out getting my ears pierced - wondered about how feasible it would be to ask a jeweler or silversmith about the possibility of just burring off the post on the back of the earring and brazing (or whatever) a backing to turn these into cuff links. Any experience or input from all of you renaissance-type guys out there?


Senior Member
Apr 25, 2004
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I am sorry for your loss.

I am fairly certain that something like that could be done - do you want to keep the setting around the stones, or just incorporate the stones into links? The latter would likely be easier.

A last point - while it is always good to have mementos of a lost loved one, I personally would fear that seeing their jewelry at my wrist would keep my emotional scars from healing. Obviously I know nothing of your situation, but thought I'd throw in my two cents.

Alexander Kabbaz

Distinguished Member
Dec 22, 2003
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I, as well, am sorry for your loss. Time does heal ... and keeping mementos is, in my opinion, a wonderful way to keep a fond memory close. Depending upon the stone, you may not want to allow them to be heated, which is necessary for any type of soldering or brazing. Such is normally done prior to setting the stone. What you can do, and quite easily, is to cut the posts off and use jeweler's epoxy to affix cufflink backs. These are available in a wide variety of qualities ranging from "metal" (?.?) to 18kt gold. You'll pay under $1 for the "metal" and from $75 to $200 per pair for the 18kt backs. Jeweler's epoxy is special. Unlike most epoxies, it does not dry to a rock-hard consistency as, for example, krazy glue. It has an ever-so-slight flex characteristic. This tends to keep the glued piece from cracking off when the jewelry receives a shock - as all pieces eventually must. You can purchase the 18kt backs at Myron Toback (MyronToback.com) on 47th Street in NYC. If you want "metal", just e-m me and I'll give you whatever you need in 'silver' or 'gold'. We use them for the jewelry classes I teach during the Summer. At Myrons, #283 is my personal favorite Myron Toback jewelry findings but, as with all 'real' findings, it does need heating. Another idea: You might (might) be able to bend the posts into a loop and attach a chain with metal disc as a cufflink back. It depends upon the hardness of the post.

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