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DROPS! EXQUISITE BESPOKE jackets with full provenance; Fully canvassed, tons of handwork, working cu

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May 18, 2009
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I've been asked by a rather distinguished acquaintance to find new homes for a considerable amount of the clothing that he no longer wears owing to weight gain and retirement... and what better place to begin that here? He's aristocratically disinclined to try to "maximum return" on these items, and he dislikes ebay, so they're being passed on here in the hope and expectation that they will find new homes with people who appreciate fine clothing.

And these jackets certainly live up to this adjective. They are all bespoke, made by Charles, and boast simply lashings of handwork; the buttonholes are all hand-sewn, the lapels and edgings feature pick-stitching throughout, as do the interior seams, the pocket flaps, the collar...... and so on. The cuffs are, of course, fully functional. All of these jackets are fully lined, and they all feature symmetrical sets of interior pockets: The original owner was training himself to be ambidextrous so that he could fully utilize the custom-made pair of left and right-handed double-barreled shotguns that he had had made for him at Purdey's of London in the late 1980s, and which he used to hunt gamebirds in Scotland each year. All of the jackets are ventless, as he believed that (twin) vented jackets were only useful for persons who rode (horses) frequently--and disliked single vents.

Before moving to describe the first set of jackets individually, I should note that in addition to these I also have a set of "transitional" jackets (ie., to move between summer and autumn, and then Winter to Spring) from the same chap, and a set of heavier jackets, too. I also have multiple ties to pass along from the same source. I will be listing these later this month, moving into September.

Prices are, for the reason offered above, low to begin with, and, as always, already include boxed shipping in CONUS with delivery confirmation. International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost. Despite teh low initial prices, OFFERS ARE STILL VERY WELCOME, especially for two or more of these beauties!

Please PM with interest and offers!

Please note that Jacket No. 1 is slightly smaller than the others.

1) BEAUTIFUL striped summer jacket


This jacket was made expressly for spending a summer in Venice with an eye to recreating (on a grander scale) the vacation of Charles Ryder and Sebastian Flyte in Brideshead Revisited, absent the adulterous host and homoerotic overtones. Apparently, this looks absolutely beautiful in the aquatint light of a late afternoon palozzo, and the colourway and cut of this jacket seemingly made it a big hit both in Venice and (later) Florence.

This is in excellent condition-, and my pictures fail to do it justice. The striping is very subtle, and I failed to capture it in the main picture, alas.

Asking just $75, with lower offers being very welcome.


Chest: 23
Sleeve: 24 3/4 (+1 1/2)
Shoulder: 19 3/4
Length: 31 7/16 (precisely!)


2) BEAUTIFUL lightweight poplin-esque jacket

Another wonderful jacket, boasting full handwork throughout! This is a wonderful summer jacket, and is in beautiful condition. It does, however, have a tiny line of pickholes from restitching under the lapels; this was the result of a request by the original owner to alter the hang of the jacket to improve the lapel roll--and the results here were wonderful! There is also a very small snag in the lining around the middle of the back, the result of a careless discarding of the jacket onto a displayed trout-fly while the original owner was engrossed in examining fishing tackle. because of these character marks, this wonderful jacket is only $50 > 45, or lower offer. It is, of course, otehrwise in excellent condition.


Chest: 24
Sleeve: 25 1/8 (+2)
Shoulder: 20 3/4
Length: 31 1/2


3) GORGEOUS light-tobacco coloured jacket

This is absolutely wonderful--but then, I used to have a favourite jacket in almost precisely this colour of light tobacco brown (or perhaps dark fawn?) and so perhaps I'm biased.... As with all of these jackets, this is impeccably tailored, features lashings of handwork, and is in absolutely excellent condition. This jacket was worn several times in both Venice and Florence--as well as for a "perfect picnic" in London's Kew Gardens, where partnered with an ascot it aparently attracted favourable attention! The colour of this is wonderful, as is the drape. And it's very, very versatile...

Asking just $75 > 65, or offer.


Chest: 24
Sleeve: 25 1/2 (+1 3/4)
Shoulder: 20 1/8
Length: 31 1/4


4) STUNNING blue jacket, the colour of a perfect clear Scottish sky in high summer.

There's a lovely story behind this jacket; the owner having been taken with the beauty of a perfectly blue sky over St Andrews while approaching the city from Straithkinness side to golf (the best way to approach the city from Leuchars' train station, rather than entering the back way by the new university museum, that takes you in by the Links, as this way you get to see the medieval city with its church and university spires and the Bay laid out before you when you crest the hill on the Straithkinness road) , he wanted a jacket cut in the same blue... and so this was later made!

Naturally, this is the same exquisite quality as the others, and is in excellent condition. My pictures fail completely to capture the blue beauty of this jacket; this is more "Light Peter Rabbit's Jacket Blue", rather than slate grey. My apologies!

Asking just $75 > 65, or offer.


Chest: 24
Sleeve: 25 1/2 (+1 1/2)
Shoulder: 20 1/8
Length: 31 1/2




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