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DROPS! 15 TWEEDS AND BLAZERS! MEGATHREAD! SOME FREE! c. 36 - 50. Harris Tweed, Cashmere Tweed, Singl

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May 18, 2009
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I have some beautiful tweeds and blazers to pass on today--perfect for Fall!

As always, ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING WITHIN THE CONUS; International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at reduced cost.


Please PM with interest and offers!

1) GORGEOUS Harris Tweed 3/2 sack for The English Shop of Princeton


Made for The English Shop of Princeton--one of Princeton's "Big Four" Ivy clothiers of the Golden Age of Ivy Style, of which only Hilton remains--this is a classic 3/2 sack in Harris Tweed. It features traditional leather-covered football buttons, including three to each cuff, in a lovely rich dark chestnut which perfectly complements the earth tones of the tweed. The tweed is beautiful--a wonderful barleycorn pattern in dark browns of bracken and bark, with flecks of moss green and berry red throughout--but so subtly interspersed that you can only really see them if you look closely.

The jacket is half-lined and half-canvassed, and features a single centre vent. It was, of course, Made in the USA. It's in excellent condition.

Asking just $45, or offer.


Chest: 21 3/4
Sleeve: 25 1/4 (+1 3/4)
Shoulder: 18
Length: 31 3/4

2) STUNNING Cashmere (?) Glen Plaid Tweed


This is absolutely beautiful! This is extremely soft, and so I suspect that it's cut from cashmere, or, at the least, a cashmere blend, although there is no label confirming the fabric content. What is certain is that this has a lovely hand and drape, and features a striking pattern a colourway--a bold glen plaid in a medley of bracken, tan, and peat. This is a truly lovely jacket, and the construction lives up to the cloth--it's fully canvassed and fully lined, and features a single vent and four button cuffs. It was Union made in the USA. It does have some very, very minor age foxing in the lining of the shoulders, and so this is in Very Good/Excellent condition.

Hence, asking just $49 > 42, or offer.

Tagged a 43L, measures

Chest: 21 1/2
Sleeve: 26 1/4 (+2)
Shoulder: 18 3/4
Length: 32 1/2

3) MADE IN THE USA Hardwick Houndstooth tweed

A very nice tweed from the workhorse American maker Hardwick, this appears to be half-canvassed, has a two-button front, and a single centre vent. It is fully lined, and is cut from a lovely houndstooth tweed that's a medly of bracken, bark, and dark wineberry red. This is a lovely Fall jacket, and the mid-weight of teh tweed makes it very versatile. It was Made in the USA.

Asking just $29 > 25, or offer.

Tagged 42L, this measures:

Chest: 21 1/2
Sleeve 23 1/4 (+1 3/8)
Shoulder: 19 1/2
Length: 32

4) LOVELY SMALLER Harris Tweed from Wallach's--with patch pockets!


This is lovely! Made for the trad-friendly store Wallach's which folded in 1995, this lovely jacket is cut from a basketweave Harris tweed which features a lighter-than-usual colourway of pale lichen and light stone. It also features the ever-desirable patch pockets, here with piped edgings. The buttons are chestnut, and complement the colouring wonderfully. The jacket is a standard two-button front, with subtle darting and a center vent. It's half-lined, and was Made in the USA. It's in excellent condition.

Asking just $45, or offer.

This is a desirable smaller size; it measures:

Chest: 18 3/4
Sleeve: 24 (+2)
Shoulder: 17 3/4
Length: 30

5) Canali Hopsack Blazer -- c. 48L

This is lovely! Cut from a blend of silk (55), wool (30), and nylon (15) for durability, this is a navy hopsack blazer by Canali, for Boyd's, Philadelphia's upscale clothing store. This is half-canvassed and fully lined, and is unvented, in Flusser approved style. As a hopsack weave in partial silk, this has some minor slubbiness to the fabric, which gives it texture and interest. This jacket has pick stitching in the lining, and was Made in Italy. It's in excellent condition.

Asking just $45 > 40, or offer.

Tagged a 50L, but measures:

Chest: 23 3/4
Sleeve: 26 3/4 (+1 3/4)
Shoulder: 20 1/2
Length: 33 1/2

6) RECENT Harris tweed by JAB

This is a very nice Harris tweed indeed! Made for Jos. A. Bank, this lovely jacket is a classic brown herringbone, with pumpkin orange, berry red, moss green and gorse yellow flecks throughout--a classic Harris tweed colourway! The jacket features leather-covered football buttons, a standard two-button front, a single vent, and a full lining. It is in excellent condition.

Asking just $40 > 35, or offer.

Tagged 44XL, this measures:

Chest: 24
Sleeve: 25 (+2)
Shoulder: 20 3/8
Length: 34

7) AN AMERICAN CLASSIC! A Pendleton Woollen Mills Shirt-Jacket


This is wonderful--a true American Ivy classic! MADE IN THE USA by pendleton Woollen Mills, this lovely unstructured jacket has a quarter lininng, three front patch pockets, and shirt button cuffs. It's subtly darted, ventless--as you'd expect from a shirt jacket!--and in excellent condition. It features the classic leather covered football buttons. This is a perfect garment to use in cooler Fall evenings before tweed is really needed.

As far as I know these classics are no longer made--so grab this one if it's your size!

Asking just $35, or offer.

Tagged a M, this measures:

Chest: 21 1/2
Sleeve: 26 1/4
Shoulder: 18 1/2
Length: 30 3/4

8) ORIGINAL 1960's Blazer by Penney's!

This is wonderful--and shows that penney's used to produce very, very nice menswear indeed back in the day! Cut from a very dark charcoal cloth, this has all of the 1960's details a trad could want--a very high 2.5/3 button lapel--almost a three button front--very narrow 1960s lapels, a single vent, and two button cuffs. And don't be fooled by the fact that this is from Penney's--this appears to be FULLY canvassed. It has only one interior pocket, to maintain its sleek lines.

While I can detect no flaws in this jacket, it's clearly a 1960s original, and so I rate it conservatively as being in Very Good condition. Hence, asking just $30 > 26, or offer, for this little gem.


Chest: 20 1/4
Sleeve: 24 (+1 1/2)
Shoulder: 17 1/4
Length: 29 1/2

9) Harris Tweed 3/2 sack by OLD SCHOOL JAB


This is another lovely jacket! Made for the old-school (red label) JAB when they still rivalled Brooks, this lovely Harris is an Ivy wardrobe staple--a lovely brown herringbone, cut as a traditional 3/2 sack with a lovely lapel roll. It also features traditional Ivy two button cuffs, and has leather covered football buttons and a single centre vent. It is half-lined, and was Made in the USA. This is in excellent condition--and if it was my size it wouldn't be here!

Asking just $40, or offer.


Chest: 21 1/4
Sleeve: 25 3/4 (+1 3/4)
Shoulder: 18 3/4
Length: 31 3/4

10) BEAUTIFUL English-Cut Blazer--cut from Loro Piana fabric, Made in USA!

This is wonderful! First, it's beautifully cut and styled--it features slightly slanted pockets, including a fully functional ticket pocket, twin vents, darting, and a three button front with just the hint of a lapel roll. It also features pick stitching throughout--on the lapels, on the closure edge, and in the lining. The buttons are all crested, and metal, and heavy. The fabric is from Loro Piana, of Italy, and the jacket was Union made in the USA. The lining is a lovely awning lining, and it is lined in scarlet on the sleeves. It's also half-canvassed.

This is a beautiful jacket!

It does have a few minor thread pulls, especially on the front right quarter, but these are very hard to see, and blend with the texture of the fabric. There is also a very small fray on the seam of the lining. Given these minor flaws, this is in Very Good condition, and hence this beauty is just $45 > 42, or offer.


Chest: 22
Sleeve: 25 1/2 (+1 1/2)
Shoulder: 20
Length: 30 1/2

11) LOVELY LITTLE GEM! A vintage 3/2 sack in houndstooth from JAB--a very very Old School JAB!

This is a gem of a jacket! Made by JAB, probably in the 1960s, this lovely little jacket is a classic 3/2 sack in bold traditional houndstooth in forest green and chestnut brown on a classic tan background. It features two button cuffs, a half-lining, and is half-canvassed. It also sports narrow 1960s lapels, a lovely vintage JAB interior label--of a sort that pre-dates the old-school red lapel--and a single centre hook vent. The back seam is lapped. It was Union made in the USA.

It does have some tears to the lining, in the shoulders and at the hem on the left hand side. These could readily be patched. It could also use a dry-clea to freshen it up. As such, this is in Good/Very Good condition--and hence is a bargain at just $25 > 22, or offer. An absolute bargain for a jacket as lovely as this!


Chest: 20 1/2
Sleeve: 24 3/8 (+2)
Shoulder: 17 3/4
Length: 29 1/2

12) A lovely Cashmere-Wool Double Breasted Blazer--with windowpane overcheck. Made in Italy.

NB: It's been suggested to me by another member that this might have been made by Brioni. The interior label certainly looks like a Brioni label, and the quality is there, but, whether it is or not, this is a lovely jacket!

This is a lovely double-breasted blazer! Made in Italy from 90% wool and 10% cashmere, this lovely jacket is cut from a lovely rich navy cloth, with a beautiful and subtle Royal blue and dark red overcheck. It features peak lapels, a 6 by 1 closure button pattern, and is unvented--as you'd expect from a more formal blazer. The pockets are also jetted, rather than flapped. It was Made in Italy, and is in absolutely excellent condition.

Asking just $49 > 45, or offer.

Tagged a 42L. Measurements:

Chest: 21 1/2
Sleeve: 25 1/2
Shoulder: 18 1/2
Length: 31

Previously listed jackets, with price drops:

13) Lovely Nailhead Camelhair with Windowpaning by Thos. David. Horn buttons!

This is lovely, and a perfect jacket for early Fall! Cut from wonderfully soft camelhair, this jacket is a beautiful charcoal nailhead, with a lovely windowpaning overcheck in russet and blue, which manages to be both subtle and bold at the same time--not an easy combination to pull off!

The jacket is a standard two-button front jacket, with subtle darting. It features four button cuffs--and I believe that all of the buttons are horn. The jacket is fully lined, and half-canvassed, and features a single center vent. It was made in the USA, and is in excellent condition.

Asking just $20, or offer, shipped in the CONUS--the buttons alone are worth this!


Chest: 21 1/2
Sleeve: 26 3/8 (+2 1/4)
Shoulder: 19
Length: 32 1/4

14) BEAUTIFUL Kevin & Howlin Donegal Tweed.!


This is beautiful! Cut from a rare and lovely checkerboard tweed in black, mustard, and slate grey. Made by Kevin & Howlin of Dublin, this is darted, fully lined, and has dual vents. It has single button cuffs, as is standard in older UK firms, and was Made in Ireland.

This does has several small holes throughout, some of which are shown, but this are hard to see owing to the complexity of the tweed. As such, this jacket is just in Good condition, and hence is just $13. (FREE--just pay shipping!)


Chest: 21 3/4
Sleeve: 26 1/2 (+2)
Shoulder: 19 3/4
Length: 31

15) Made in the USA of Scottish lambswool Boss Barleycorn jacket with overcheck.

Admittedly, this isn't as Trad as most of my offerings, and also admittedly Boss gets little love here (as it shouldn't, at full retail), but this is a wonderful jacket, and so worthy of offering! First, this is cut from wonderfuly soft Scottish lambswool, woven in Scotland by ALexander's, so this has a wonderful hand and drape. The colourway and patterning of the cloth is also terrific--a lovely classic grey and cream barleycorn, with a very subtle overcheck of lilac and burnt orange. The jacket is fully lined, and half-canvassed, has a three button front, jetted pockets, and is unvented, as Flusser would approve. It was also Made in the USA.

This lovely jacket is a steal at just $18, or offer, boxed and shipped in CONUS.


Sleeve: 24 1/2 (+1 1/2)
Shoulder: 19 1/2
Length: 31 1/8



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